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Why doing an AWS course to nail an IT job makes sense

Why doing an AWS course to nail an IT job makes sense

Why do companies use AWS?

Organizations make use of Amazon Web Services, the cloud service from Amazon for their cloud computing requirements for a plethora of business needs. This large list includes application hosting, web hosting, analytics, big data storage, disaster recovery, backup, customized projects in fields like Internet of Things and many more. Companies that have successfully integrated AWS solutions get benefits like cost-savings, tighter security, increased efficiency, greater speed, flexible scalability and tighter security. The most reputed players in the world – Netflix, Reddit, Expedia, Aircel, AirBnb and even NASA run their applications on Amazon Web Services. The steep rise in the industry adoption of the AWS cloud infrastructure has also opened doors for a lot of career opportunities. But only as long as candidates have the requisite skill set.

Why is the demand for AWS rising?

Amazon’s amazing corporate willingness to constantly add new features and improve its quality of service to meet the requirements of its customers has made it develop into a large, enterprise-scale integrated cloud service provider that it has become today. Enterprises such as Netflix, Time, Intuit and Hertz have gone all in by moving all the entire IT operations which includes customer database, information infrastructure and transactions to AWS. The level of trust and commitment that even some conservative enterprises have displayed with AWS speaks a lot about AWS’s ability.

How is the demand for AWS relevant to an IT Job seeker?

Why upskill to AWS? Organizations are constantly posting job requirements in the AWS domain growing 50% faster than all other IT jobs. IT professionals that seek positions need to understand the different kinds of AWS skills in demand and the aws certification dumps needed

AWS is an ocean – with several aspects to it.

An IT job aspirant should know what the most popular and lucrative job roles are and accordingly get trained. Certain AWS tools need hands on training in the real world in order to use them effectively. Hands on experience in the AWS training in specific domains can be very hard to find. There needs to needs to be a focus on automation with an indepth understanding of tools from the domain ecosystem. IIHT’s all new blended learning AWS course trains you in everything you need to become employable!

What is the future of an AWS professional?

The demand for engineers with AWS skills has seen a sharp spike with the cloud adoption by organizations of various sizes and IT professionals who can help build the required cloud based services portfolio and integrate them with the existing infrastructure are in huge demand. Vacancies for AWS professionals has gone up by 53% and the future looks bright with the demand set to rise even more with businesses adopting multi cloud strategies that use AWS extensively.

Why AWS at IIHT?

  • IIHT’s Cloud Stack is designed with Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Open Source Cloud and Cloud Monitoring Courses which offers an end to end learning of the Cloud Eco System for any Participant. Participants can pick and choose Course Modules from the entire offering as per their requirement and bundle.
  • IIHT’s Cloud Stack is designed to cover 9 International Certification Tracks out of which 7 are amongst the 15 Top Paying Certifications World – wide.  This way at IIHT, you also automatically get aws certification training that helps you prepare.
  • Provision of Cloud Labs from IIHT’s Data Centre. Participants will have the flexibility to use browser based AWS Labs without bothering about any investment on Infrastructure at their end.
  • Offering Office 365. Communication & Collaboration has become an integral part of IT services and support. Industry is demanding Communication and Collaboration as an added skill set along with other core technology skills.

For more details go to: http://www.cloudstack.iiht.com/aws-training-architect-certification-courses/