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Why big data is the need of the hour

Why big data is the need of the hour

Every technology revolves around a single thing i.e. “data”. Can you imagine how much data there is on the grid or network? With technologies like IoT, cloud computing, and those smartphones coming into action the amount of data is increasing on an exponential basis. With this ample amount of data being produced, there’s also an evident rise in the requirement of data management scheme that can not only handle but also help us to optimize data. And this is where Big-Data comes in.

Why big data and why not other data management schemes?

If you are wondering what makes Big Data so special, the answer to this lies in four general terms that we associate with big data i.e. volume, variety, veracity, and velocity. Let us see what these are:


Every day you use Whatsapp, Facebook, YouTube and several other internet based resources that produce data. Even a 1-minute video that you make with your mobile phone accounts for 3 to 20 megabytes of storage or data. So, can you imagine how much of such data is produced every second, every minute or every day? This is what we refer as volume for big data. The amount of data produced is that much high that any manual or traditional method of data management can’t handle it appropriately.


From text to images, videos to animation there are several type types or Variety of data that is produced every day. This is the second targeted domain of variety.


With that much data in action, it is important to maintain the integrity of data. Veracity refers to the same, i.e. maintaining integrity or trustworthiness of the data that we store. Data need to be correct, representative and precise to avoid any kind of problem.


Velocity is the rate of incoming data to any channel or application. Be it bank transaction, incoming SMS or any form of data the frequency is getting higher day by day. And to ensure every data element is handled properly there is a requirement of a dependent technology, and big data is by far the appropriate selection for the same.

Where big data is currently in use?

Big data trend is rapidly making its way in the corporate sector. From Business analysis to the HR department every corporate sector has an equal importance of big data. Business analysis with big data helps companies to analyze the market trend at a much larger scale and picture a better view of customer requirements and preferences which in turn help the organizations to develop a marketing strategy which has higher chances of success. Even the recruiter gets to analyze the potential candidates on a larger domain and characterizes them according to the needs of the organization.

“Big data is taking business competition and management at a new level”

Increasing need of big data analyst.

Increasing need of Big Data technology in the corporate sector has led to an eventual rise in opportunities for new technocrats to get in the industry. Companies need reliable talents for their business execution and according to some stats the positions for Big Data analysts both in tech and the non-tech sector is supposed to increase to a massive figure of 180%. And there is no denying the fact that “Big Data technology has become the need of the hour for any business”.

How IIHT can help you?

Here at IIHT we offer a specialized course for Big Data and Hadoop development. You get the opportunity to work on live projects and in an environment which is similar to that of corporate. With our corporate partners, you also get a chance to secure a good job and in turn a great career.