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Why Big Data Hadoop is a promising career option

Why Big Data Hadoop is a promising career option

Hadoop is a processing framework that manages data storage and processing for big data applications that run in cluster systems. It is distributed open source and is the basis of a booming eco system of big data technologies that are mostly used to take care of advanced analytics initiatives that includes data mining, predictive analytics and machine learning applications. It can handle all kinds of unstructured as well as structured data and this gives users more flexibility for processing, collecting and analyzing data than data warehouses and relational databases provide.

Hadoop was developed by creative thinking software engineers who figured that it was fast becoming popular for people to store and analyze datasets that are far bigger than what can be practically accessed and stored in a single physical storage device. In Hadoop, instead of having several physical storage devices that make it complicated to scan and analyze, we have several smaller devices that work parallel efficiently.

Hadoop was released by Apache Software Foundation in the year 2005, a non-profit organization that produces open source software that actually powers quite a bit of the internet! Hadoop was named after the toy elephant of one of the founders’ sons!

Why Hadoop is Booming?
Hadoop has seen a consistent growth over the past years. It’s flexible nature allows companies to modify or add to their data systems as the needs alter, making use of readily available parts from IT vendors of their choice with low cost.

  • It is the most commonly used system for processing and storing data across any commodity hardware
  • It is inexpensive and off-the-shelf systems connected together when compared to expensive, tailored systems created just for the job in hand.
  • Over half of Fortune 500 companies use it!
  • Collaboration development between commercial users and volunteers is a key to Hadoop’s innovation. Ex. Modifications to it done by companies like Google is exposed to the development community, and these versions are used for improving the ‘official’, latest product.
  • It is agile: Companies have the privilege to adjust and expand data analysis operations as the business grows.
  • Enthusiasm and support from the open source community makes it more accessible to everyone.

Why upskill to Big Data Hadoop?
A lot of companies are looking for trained Hadoop professionals, here is a gist of why you should upskill to Hadoop:

  • Hadoop professionals are in demand – across domains: Candidates with a sound knowledge in Hadoop ecosystem and have hands-on training are in high demand across industries like agriculture, energy, healthcare, retailers, media, government, utility, sports etc. They are predicted to be in demand always, if not growing.
  • Big data is exponentially growing: The fast paced digitizing era that is exponentially growing needs the world of big data to meet challenges. Apache Hadoop allows the processing and storage of large volumes of data. Studying user behavior and predicting trends and outcomes is crucial for all industries today. Management of big data in the world where distributed computing is showing up challenges requires Hadoop, the best big data analytics tools. This is why Hadoop professionals will always be in demand.
  • The increasing number of jobs in Hadoop: The number 1. On the list of 10 most sought after big data skills is Hadoop. 6 million jobs are said to be created by the information economy, out of which a large number is Hadoop professionals.
  • Hadoop is the most sought after skill in the data industry! The increase in demand and acute shortage of Hadoop professionals makes it one of the most high paying IT profiles.
  • Hadoop is predicted to become an essential part of any company’s business technology: Due to its agility, performance and efficiency, all large companies are set to adopt Hadoop too. This means a lot of jobs!
  • Technology Research Organization states that NoSQL and Hadoop are the fastest growing software and services technologies in the market.
  • Hadoop Market is expected to touch $99.31 billion by the year 2022, that is a growth of 42.1% as reported by Forbes

Why Big Data Hadoop at IIHT?
IIHT’s highly specialized Big Data Hadoop Course is meant for both students starting off and working professionals. The course takes participants through using the best tools for wrangling and analyzing big data. With no previous experience required, students will be given the opportunity to get hands-on experience with Spark and Hadoop frameworks, which are the most common in the industry. Students are trained in all the basic processes and specific components of the Hadoop Architecture, execution environment and software stack. During assignments, our industry expert mentors will guide you on the application of data science’s techniques and concepts like Map-Reduce which are used to solve the basic problems of big data. The course promises to empower you to even be part of big data narratives for business making in organizations. The course participants get to work on labs for hands-on-training in real life projects that make them job ready. Blended learning methods increase interaction and participation of students increasing the learning pace. For more details go to: http://www.bigdataanalyticsstack.iiht.com/big-data-hadoop-training-courses/