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What really are IT recruiters looking for?

What really are IT recruiters looking for?

What are employers expecting from programming talent? Is it the skills (soft or technical skills) or is it degree and certifications, is it a specific technology or programming language or perhaps they are looking for someone with an undying passion for zeros and ones!

In order to thrive in the IT job market, you need to ace the below areas as these are the most sought after skills employers demand while hiring programmers.


Undoubtedly this is a key skill-set that employers are looking for while assessing potential candidates. They want to appraise your education background, aptitude and experience. They are looking for technical proficiency specific to the role they’re hiring for; this is where your experience and previous training comes to the vanguard.


Recruiters are looking for sound and attentive engineers, which makes problem-solving skills a must have skill to get hired in today’s competitive job market. Engineers need to have pragmatic thinking to identify the root cause behind issues, and then apply their training experience to come up with a solution that’s efficient and practical. At times even accomplished candidates from renowned schools fail to master the art of problem solving, while on the other hand candidates trained in vocational training are able to knock it out of the park.


Coding isn’t for the unmotivated ones. One must have a passion for programming. Employers want to find someone who is genuinely passionate about the subject matter they studied during their degree. Demonstrating your enthusiasm to progress in your career by being fervent and open towards learning new skills can be your mantra for getting hired.


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    Hi, Nice article, and you told about skills are right and We are IPSR SOLUTIONS THE SOFTWARE AND NETWORKING TRAINING PARTNERS AND WE ARE ALSO JOB RECRUITERS AND THE TERMS ARE RIGHT. I THINK THE BLOG WILL BE HELPFUL FOR THE FRESHERS WHO ARE COMPLETED ug / pg / b.tech/be etc. keep sharing such informative articles. thank you