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Complexity of market dynamics and the need for a seamless and efficient management of business infrastructure have an obvious positive spin off: development of a state-of-the-art enterprise management system in which all seemingly jumbled business processes and systems are managed with much more ease and efficiency.

Management crucial!

Yes, you got it right: we are here talking about the fine art of IT Infrastructure Management System or the IT- IMS and Networking – two crucial components of any modern day IT based business infrastructure.

Why IMS!

What we generally mean by IMS is the management of critical operational components including processes, policies, equipment, data, human resources, external contacts, etc. All these small but important components are what collectively lend efficiency to the overall working of an enterprise.

Networking iimportant

The role of networking in an efficient IT management ecosystem assumes paramount importance for achieving desired results in terms of increasing productivity and efficiency of organisation. No wonder in recent years and months there has been a surge in demand for expert networking IT professionals for the management of the infrastructure across a large segment of enterprises.

Professional workforce

There is no denying the fact that a modern IT infrastructure with a proper management system in place will always be in need of a professional workforce. A trained workforce can turn enterprises into real centres of growth with efficient management of their overall working. Demand for such professionals in both private and public sector is expected to witness a surge in the days to come.

Rising demand

The demand for networking professionals for efficient management of IT infrastructure management system to drive the engines of enterprise-growth is, therefore, likely to increase in the coming days. The importance of the infrastructure management can be gauged from the fact that as per a survey during any recruitment drive almost 60-65 per cent of the selected candidates opt for the IT-IMS Networking division in an enterprise.

Efficient delivery

IT infrastructure management also entails efficient management of desktops, laptops and servers, etc, in an organisation. Maintaining the infrastructure that supports major schemes or projects for the efficient and timely delivery of results thus forms an important task of a IT networking professional.

Training candidates

Bengaluru based one of the Asia’s top and India’s premier IT training institute, IIHT, with a track record of 90 to 95 per cent recruitment of its IT trained candidates by the industry annually, imparts appropriate and innovative training in Infrastructure Management and Networking skills. The training is meant for both professional and the beginners at the graduation level.

Be industry ready

The IIHT’s Diploma programme in ITMS trains students in IT infrastructure, required to complete any business infrastructure. It also introduces students to the core knowledge about IT infrastructure from the point of view of applications such as in the areas of Content Management, Data Warehousing and Enterprise Portals, etc.

Be an expert!

This programme grooms and equips aspiring candidates to become technical experts capable of helping the company reduce downtime costs through efficient management of the IT environment. Over the years the demand graph for technical skills being required by the industry has been on the rise because of the rising expectation of the end customer on the quality service front. Only a skilled professional can deliver goods and services up to the customers’ expectations.

Opportunities galore!

All these positive trends have opened the door for the IT-IMS Networking aspirants seeking to make a career in the IT industry. IIHT’s Diploma programme in ITMS seeks to impart industry specific skills that have proven to be useful for both the industry and the job seekers.

Win-win situation

On one side, the industry is always in need of well trained and skilled workforce and on the other side job-ready candidates are eager to make an early head start, IIHT’s job-oriented, industry specific programmes have been able to meet the requirements of the both (industry as well as the candidates).

IMS, networking: Ops backbone

Today in any enterprise, the IT infrastructure management forms the backbone of day-to-day operations. The operations cover policies, processes, equipment, data, human resources, external contacts, etc. For the convenience of operational efficiency, infrastructure management is bifurcated into: systems management, network management and storage management.

Unchanging trend

Infrastructure management is primarily aimed at: ensuring compliance of standards, cutting down on operational duplication, seamless flow of information through system, ensuring adaptability with change in work environment, effectiveness of operations, etc. No wonder, skills in IMS and Networking assume so much importance in today’s IT industry or for that matter any IT-enabled sector. This is a trend that is likely to remain unchanged for a long time to come!