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Top 10 reasons why you should learn data analytics

Top 10 reasons why you should learn data analytics

Today, the world revolves around analytics. The secret of success for any organization lies in its ability to study trends, interpret it and exploit this knowledge in guiding the course of the business. In the world of digitization, all depends on data – right from small businesses to large multinationals. Now, imagine being right in the middle of all this frenzy and becoming THE person your company turns to prior to making any big decision? This is what you become when you train yourself in data analytics and get yourself a job in the field. Here is a look at ten reasons why you got to learn data analytics:

  1. A top priority in top organizations: As competition gets harder, all top organizations are depending on data analytics for identifying market opportunities for their products and services. 77 percent of all organizations in the top rung think of data analytics as a crucial component for performance of business.
  2. Rising pay for data analytics professionals: While the demand is on the rise, the supply for skilled analytics professionals has been slow. It is estimated that data analytics professionals are paid atleast 50% more than other IT professionals.
  3. Rising job opportunities: While companies start realizing that they don’t have capacity to gather, be able to interpret and translate the data in ways useful to them, they start looking for specialists to carry out these tasks. You could be that specialist everyone wants!
  4. You can pick job titles from an array of them: Big data is used almost everywhere today and therefore there is a wide range of job titles to chose from. Metrics and analytics expert, big data engineer, data analyst are just some of them.
  5. Big Data analytics is all over: Just as the use of smart phones has become imperative, the use of analytics professionals is also growing fast. There is no sector that is untouched by analytics.
  6. At the eye of the storm: A data analyst is at the core of a company’s decision making. Most people feel dissatisfaction with their jobs because they feel they do not hold any important decision making power. But a data analyst becomes the core of decision making and this gives immense job satisfaction since this is an important role and has a strong purpose within any organization.
  7. Data analytics is growing at a faster rate than expected: Data analytics has taken over various fields in ways faster than expected. It is listed in the top technologies to look out for in the coming years.
  8. Adoption rate is at its peak: Just as social media took over brand presence in the digital space, so is data analytics taking over. This is why beginning a career in data analytics is a great career move.
  9. Great freelancing opportunities: The future of jobs is going to spin away from the traditional one employer, full time work scenario. A large number of people prefer to broaden their sources of income and ways through which they can get a good work-life balance. Since one can work anytime, anywhere, remotely with analytics, one does not have to be tied to a desk.
  10. Creating new revenue schemes: A data analyst is capable of figuring out unexplored streams of revenue with data he or she interprets. This helps enrich and increase the value of their contribution and therefore their income.

Data analytics is soon going to become an integral part of every organization and almost everything we do. This is why one should have an idea of how important this field is and use this knowledge to develop a successful career for himself/herself.