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The future of Indian Big Data Hadoop Developers

The future of Indian Big Data Hadoop Developers

Imagine you’re watching TV and see ads which are being featured on it, are they all relevant to you? So you’re not really that interested and start browsing. But imagine if the ad that’s on the TV is of your interest, assume you moved to a burger outlet to have a juicy burger along with the ad which comes up is the same item, or mention you went shopping for shades and the ad is about the same item. Imagine if this is true for all individuals would that not be more efficient? This is one of the aspects of Big Data. The only challenge now’s to handle the data, and with innovations in the arena of information like Hadoop the extent is getting larger.

Hadoop and Big Data

Hadoop is the super model of Big Data. To be skilled in Hadoop is a deciding factor between getting a springboard to your professional career or getting left behind. If you’re a fresher there’s great scope if you’re skilled in Hadoop. Among the open source framework, there’s nearly no other option which can deal with petabytes of information as Hadoop can. In 2015 it was predicted that Indian Big Data Hadoop industry will expand five folds from the analytics facility.

Job Market in Analytics increasing in India 

Studies suggest that by the end of 2018 India alone will face a deficit of about two lakh data scientists. The likely development of Big Data in India is due to the increased awareness of the advantages that insights taken from unstructured data can impact businesses and improve its Return on investment. Another fact is that India is considered a hub for outsourcing operational efficiencies at low rates. Experts see Bangalore emerging as a hub for outsourcing capabilities that for this sector.

Jobs for Hadoop developers in on the rise as organizations from several verticals like ecommerce, retail, automobile, telecom are adopting analytics to obtain an advantage with their competitors. Increasing demand and cost efficacy can be making worldwide companies concentrate on India with plans of expansion.

The pool of experts in information analytics with Hadoop experience is low as when compared to the current and expected demand. Hadoop marketplace in India isn’t a frizz that will dilute with time, on the contrary, it’s phenomenal in demand, learning the skill guarantees higher salary and better job prospects for both experienced individuals and fresher’s equally. Presently every major IT firm like, Facebook, Jabong, Snapdeal, Amazon etc., are utilizing Hadoop to convert zettabytes of information created through these portals hence if you’re trained in Hadoop you’ll be the one of the most demanded developers in India.

Salary Structure on Big Data and Hadoop professionals in India 

The salary structure for a trained professional in Big Data Hadoop is very rewarding with an average start-up at 6 – 9 lac plus a manager with 7-10 years getting anyplace close to 15-20 lac and in several cases over 15 decades of experience drawing nearly or more than 1 crore. Big data and Hadoop skills will grow and increase with time in India. In a high level Hadoop, a developer is an individual who must enjoy programming.

Additionally, have some prior knowledge of SQL or JAVA or any other programming or scripting language is a plus as it’ll increase your efficiency as a developer. With this increase, IIHT has designed the Big Data and Hadoop course that is designed to ensure that you’re job ready to take over tasks in Big Data Analytics utilizing the Hadoop framework. This functional skill building course not only gives you with fundamental concepts of Hadoop, but additionally gives you the necessary work experience in Big Data and Hadoop throughout the implementation of real life industry projects. Considering that the information marketplace forecast is strong and not going anywhere the knowledge of Hadoop and related technology will function as a profession boost in India with its growing analytics marketplace.