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India is among the “young” countries in the world, with the proportion of the work force in the age group of 15-59 years, growing steadily. However, present status shows only 2 per cent of the total employees in India have undergone skills development training; India has the potential to emerge as worldwide sourcing hub for the skilled employees.

Socio-economic empowerment

Skill building can be viewed as a device to improve the efficacy and contribution of labour to overall production. It is an important ingredient to push the production possibility front line outward and to take growth rate of the economy to a higher route. Skill building could also be seen as an instrument to empower the individual and improve their social acceptance.

Employability factor!

Employability of the growing young demography is an important factor in the economic development of the country.

*Specifically for those who want employment and career growth, developing skills should be the foremost priority as:

  • More and more, job roles are requiring formal training qualifications either because of legislative requirements or to meet the requirements of specific employers
  • Developing your skills through further training provides significant benefits in achieving greater career aims
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Without doubt constant training provides more avenues and freedom to choose. (Today, even entry level roles in many industries require base level qualifications. By completing a training course, your employment opportunities become wider.)
  • Developing a career in a chosen field is something many of us aspire to. Experience alone, in many cases does not suffice when employers are seeking to promote their staff. By undertaking further training, the opportunity to develop your career is enhanced
  • Personal growth leading to career growth, undoubtedly
  • Training not only provides you with the skills in a particular area. By undertaking further training you build your networking, time management, communication and negotiation skills
  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of your local industry
  • Inter skills trainers are experts in their fields – they are closely connected within their industry. This provides you with local industry knowledge to supplement your growing skills.

Things to be done!

What needs to be done to provide employability of youths, give quality soft skills and thus provide impetus to career growth of fresh recruits and professionals? Here are a few of the steps:

  • There is an urgent need to take a look at the effectiveness of the current education system and link it with skill development courses. Blending skill development with education system is required.
  • While this is on card – concerns are being expressed on the employability of the graduates who come out. This needs to be addressed. The quality of training needs to be of standard without w
  • The quality of training needs to be of standard without which you remain handicapped. Without quality, achieving quantitative targets is counter-productive.

Wastage of human resources

According to a report of ‘Talent Sprint’, in 2020 only 27 per cent of the 7,50,00,000 fresh graduates would be employable. If out of the total number of graduates being churned out every year only 20-25 per cent are employable then it’s a huge waste of human and financial resources.

Need for trained manpower

We need to raise this percentage of trained power to a much higher level. And to this end we need training institutes of higher quality who could best `train the trainers` or teachers so that they could contribute to the growth of someone who may be a fresher, a middle-level professional or even one who has reached the top of his career and still looking for some more head room to gain height!