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Non-Engineers also have opportunities in IT

Non-Engineers also have opportunities in IT

IT is the most preferred field of work due to the attractive compensation packages and room for ceaseless career growth involved in it. Surveys done in the corporate world depict similar results, showing that 30 to 40 % of the top paying jobs lie in the IT industry or have the ‘Engineers’ word associated with them. But, does that mean only engineers are going to get those mind-bobbling salary packages? Well, the answer for that is “NO”, this isn’t entirely true.

Those who are not titled as ‘Engineers’ can also get a job in the ever so attractive IT industry, they do have some hidden yet lucrative opportunities in this sector. So, let’s explore the opportunities non-engineers have in IT sector and how they can grab on those.


Even the top notch IT companies and tech brands need someone who can perform a thorough market research and let them know what the customers need. There is always a requirement for a marketing team to help them get a place for themselves in the market. Subsequently, it is the office support staff who acts as the basic units of the organization. Not only these, the management and HR team too, have a significant relevance for any organization. There is a lot to look forward to.

You might be a writer or a marketing man but consider the fact that “Can a company exist without any of these people?” of course not. The IT sector is not all about engineering graduates but anyone possessing a talent can have an opportunity in it.


Not only these standard positions, but there are some other unorthodox opportunities for you in this domain. These include but are not limited to business analysts, project coordinators and customer managers, who act as an indispensable bridge between the technical workforce and the business source for the brand. On the whole, if you are attracted by the glory of this tech-savvy industry and if you possess any of these non-engineering talents than the opportunities are endless for you.


Not having the engineering word associated with you doesn’t mean an end for your dream to work in the IT industry, At IIHT we do our utmost to help you get started for your first step in the industry. Our experienced team of trainers with their job-oriented approach can help you acquire the necessary skills for the global market. Our job-oriented programs are specifically designed to get you through any hurdle that you may come across in your job hunt. We at IIHT want to create career building opportunities where you can gain the skills that potential employers are looking for.

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  1. added on 26 Sep, 2016

    Its good to here about that. Thank you for sharing.

  2. added on 26 Sep, 2016

    I am B.Sc. computers graduate.It is good to here about jobs in IT for non Engineer graduates.Thank you for sharing.