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Networking- a mine of opportunities waiting to be tapped

Networking- a mine of opportunities waiting to be tapped

If you are passionate about networking, have the necessary skills and certifications in the field and more importantly can think differently then there is no dearth of job opportunities for you. According to studies, the demand for networking professionals has been on the rise. Increasingly, a large number of enterprises see it as a great way of leveraging on the technology to secure and streamline their businesses for greater profitability.

Expanding scope

Today, networking jobs do not just entail configuring and deploying workforces. The scope of the profession has since expanded to include a large number of unexplored areas of an enterprise’s operations. That makes networking such an interesting, challenging and equally lucrative profession in the present IT industry.

First challenge

The first challenge for a newly recruited networking profession is to see how suitable are his skills to address various day to day professional requirements of the company. In a highly competitive business environment, an employee barely has the luxury to get hands-on training while earning. As a newly appointed professional, he or she is expected to deliver right from the word go.

Productive from day-1!

This makes one thing very clear that a person should have the skills and confidence to be productive right from the day one of joining an organization. Many networking professionals have found that a Cisco CCNA certification not only helps strengthen their standing in an organization but also gives them the confidence to take up newer challenging jobs to sustain organisation’s interest in them.

Update skills

What is further important for a networking professional is to keep updating their skills and certifications. Many take recourse to Cisco Press self-study material to train for the CCNA, CCNP or other exams online while being already employed with an organisation. It is important that with skills a networking professional should be able to troubleshoot and resolve networking issues.

Be a troubleshooter!

Many organizations, often, have to take the help of outside engineers to troubleshoot networking issues. But, if as a networking professional you can step in and troubleshoot then your stakes are bound to go up in the company. Devising strategic solutions and redesigning network, increasing data centre capability and product approaches are some of the much sought after networking skills.

Skill recognition

The outcome of the effective use of all these skills and certifications is recognition by the company, better pay packages and incentives and promotions. So, from being a networking professional to becoming a lead networking professional is after all not that difficult if you have the zeal to learn, innovate and more significantly ability to skill yourself in areas that your organization is mostly in need of your services.

Professionals & students

It has been acknowledged by the IT industry, professionals and entrepreneurs associated with the sector that a promising future awaits the networking in India and other parts of the globe. For professionals there is specialized networking certification and for students networking certification is available.

Skill gap trainer

One of the Asia’s leading and India’s premier IT skill gap training institute with over 150 centers spread across 20 countries, Bengaluru-based IIHT offers diploma programme in Networking. The institute has a dedicated job portal meant for its students.

IIHT diploma

The IIHT diploma programme in Networking teaches students CompTIA-A+, CCNA, Network routing and managing complex, multi-site network infrastructure, configuring client/server OS Network Stacks, Learning and managing wireless network infrastructure, CCNA-Voice, CCNA-security, understanding and implementing software defined network in an enterprise, Juniper network certified associate (JNCIA) and security fundamentals (CCSA, CEH, CISA, CISSP).