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The ongoing debate among job aspirants and mid-career professionals whether ‘Java is good or Microsoft Dot Net’ seems to have assumed an epic dimension. But speaking from the point of view of the utility-value, both programming languages are in great demand from today’s IT or IT-enabled industries. In this context, Dot Net trained candidates have also great prospect in the IT job market.

Dot Net Job creation

According to an estimate, in India over 80 thousand jobs in Dot Net segment are created annually. This number is likely to go up in the years to come. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Dot Net Common Language Runtime (CLR) are currently vying for the top slot as the most sought after next generation computing platform.

Bright future

Like Java Dot Net has also object-oriented primitive instruction architecture, platform independent bytecode format, secure type-safe and is a stack-based virtual machine, and so on and forth. Industry experts foresee a bright future for Dot Net, which is a Microsoft product. According to PayScale.com a Dot Net developer in India earns an average of about Rs 2.4 lakh per year.

Great skill to learn!

Learning Dot Net makes sense in view of Microsoft’s special emphasis on popularising it in India. In today’s fast, technology driven enterprises, it takes no time for a technology to get redundant. Learning new skills such as Dot Net to keep pace with changing technology landscape helps enhance career prospects for young candidates and professionals.

Edge over competitors

As businesses globally are turning to web-based solutions to gain an edge over their competitors, build brand in the social media space and engage customers, Dot Net has become an effective tool to accomplish their business objectives. The work of a Dot Net professional includes developing a logic series of steps or programming code that lets a computer communicate with databases, networks and applications. Besides, experts in the field are also often called upon to develop new application, make changes or upgrade or repair existing applications.

Work profile

A typical Dot Net developer writes codes for web pages, develops applications for mobile, Windows and console platforms. He or she accesses databases and business servers, tests software for websites, creates modifies and debugs software, among others things. The programming language enables everything necessary for developing and deploying web service-based IT Architecture Development.

Job ready professionals

Worldwide, organisations are increasingly making use of Dot Net technologies and Web Services to create globally connected businesses. Among the top IT companies using Dot Net are Honeywell, Sony, GlaxoSmithKline, HCL, Capgemini, Tech Mahendra, JP Morgan Chase, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, Sapient, etc. These global organisations are always in search of industry ready, trained Dot Net Professionals.

Talent development

India’s premier IT skill-gap training and educational institute- IIHT- with worldwide presence in 20 countries and over 150 training centres have been engaged in job-specific talent development since 1993. The institute offers a comprehensive diploma programme in Dot Net in keeping with the requirement of the industry.

Relevant curriculum

The IIHT’s curriculum for its Dot Net diploma course teaches and provides practical training to students in Operating System, Programming Fundamentals, Object Oriented concepts, Software engineering, testing fundamentals, EIM Fundamentals, SQL, Introduction to UML, Service Oriented Architecture, WCF enhancements.

Jobs to choose from

A Dot Net trained professional has many job roles to choose from in the present job-market. The lucrative jobs on offer for such professionals are: Web Application Developer, Window Store Application Developer, Software Developer, Senior Software Developer, Software Engineer, just to mention a few.

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    I want to curriculum or structure of course of dot net ,course duration ,timing,fees.