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Java and Android “The Favorite Tech Pair”

Java and Android “The Favorite Tech Pair”

Since its inception Android has been the most popular OS. Calling it as a “trend” in itself won’t be inappropriate. At present Android powers billions of devices and it’s still increasing. This trend has several reasons associated with it. From being an open source and customizable operating system to the elegant designs and interface that it provides, Android OS has a lot to talk about.

We all know that this champ from Google is powering billions of smartphones today with a number of user-friendly apps and services. And guess what is powering these elegant apps on Android OS? It’s another IT favorite language “Java”. These two have become the most popular and favorite pair of the tech sector due to the versatility and flexibility they offer. This is the only reason Android application development has become the current trend in the industry. But what are the factors boosting this trend? Let’s go a little deep and check out some of the interesting facts about these two and what makes them so special.


Global base: Android operating system has a worldwide base with almost 200 countries already running the OS as their primary choice. This gives you a big chunk of the market to target.

Powerful development framework: Android offers you a powerful and secure framework for development where creativity and technology are ready to touch heights of excellence.

Open marketplace: Another feature that attracts the programmers towards Android Application Development is the open market, where they can sell their apps and earn for their hard work and creative thinking.

Customization:  Another boosting factor for Android customer base is the customization factor. It attracts a number of users to the customer pool hence increasing the target market for developers.

Versatility:  Android is a highly versatile platform, giving the customers a supporting hand in almost each and every domain. From being a professional tool to an entertainment source, this comes as a complete package.


Java is used as the main language for Android Application Development along with XML for front end designing. The use of Java gives applications the much-required strength as all the core factors of java coming along in android. Some of the features that attract everyone are:

  • Portable across devices
  • Portable across Operating systems
  • Secure and light weighted environment
  • Smooth and easy environment


These features have attracted a lot of tech professionals. They all love to work with android and java due to their versatility and if you are one such emerging tech learner planning to explore these domains then IIHT is the perfect place for you to enhance your skills. Our Job-Oriented Programs and expert trainers are there to give you the required practical guidance to sharpen your skills. We provide you with labs having a robust environment to work in and an exposure to practical and live projects. Our certificate programs don’t only validate your knowledge but help you gain those skills that every employer seeks.

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  1. Manish kumar
    added on 24 Sep, 2016

    Java is one of the best language to learn android app development. Now a days, people are learning app development and if you are also then lear it properly.
    Thank you for sharing good details about java.

  2. adlearning
    added on 25 Oct, 2016

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