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IT Unemployability is Just a Pause and Not the End

IT Unemployability is Just a Pause and Not the End

With technology taking control of our lives, the demand for a job in the relevant field has been skyrocketing. Today the IT giants are constantly scouring the market for talents who does not only have the expertise but the right skills that meet today’s industry standard. That’s why many of these IT giants are unable to find candidates due to the constraint in a search.

The IT body NASSCOM had recently announced that hiring in the current financial year may be lower than last year because IT companies are facing pressure on margins, apart on focusing on the automation of jobs. The hiring rate in the year before the last was 2.20 lakh (creation of new jobs in IT sector). During last year, (FY 2015-2016) it saw two lakh addition. Sadly this year we could expect it to be lower than that we are aware of.

Today India is considered as the IT hub of the world and pool for recruiters to fish out young talents. Sadly for graduates, it is the opposite. Reports have concluded recently that 80% of the engineering graduates are unemployable; which is an issue that has to be addressed in depth. Also, another factor controlling employability is the rise of automation. The fact that many companies are using automation has left very limited opportunity for IT graduates overall.

So the whole issue comes down to one question – what are we doing to identify and eradicate the unemployability problem? Well, the answer may lie somewhere in our very root of the education. Not just any education but vocational trainings where individual skills are taught in regards to specific jobs roles.

Many institutions are gradually bringing in the reform in the unemployability scenario by offering skilled-based training. These courses are designed to a specific job to enrich the students and hone their skills in a particular field. The main objective of these institutions is to eradicate the outdated learning and offer more comprehensive, up to date curriculum in their programme. Since the current education system which is based more on theory than practice; therefore, with practical education system coming into focus, students can be more polished and ready for what the IT industries are looking in a candidate. Most of the skill-based institutions want to provide technical education but the lack for exposure is evident in their training. Hence, to give the students a proper exposure, many institutions are now understanding what the IT industry really want and likewise educating them with a comprehensive learning approach.

IIHT is a pioneer in IT-based training with centres across India and overseas. Having over 23 years of experience in the IT segment, IIHT is dedicated to offering a comprehensive learning curriculum which can be applied to the specific job roles across iSMAC technologies such as IT-IMS, Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud. With superior quality control measures, industry association and expertise, IIHT has always outshined in terms of quality training, state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional delivery mechanism.