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How to Be a Successful DevOps Engineer

How to Be a Successful DevOps Engineer

DevOps has now taken the centre stage in the software business, the job role ‘DevOps Engineer’ is buzzing now. Here are a few tips on how one can become a successful DevOps Engineer.

What’s a DevOps?

The term Devops was initially coined that indicates the combination of DEVelopers and OPerationS.
DevOps is a term coined which means practices that emphasize the collaboration and communication of both data technology (IT) professionals and applications developers. This is done while automating the process of software automation, and infrastructure modifications. It aims at establishing a culture and environment where construction, testing, and releasing applications can happen fast paced, often, and with higher frequency.

Digital transformation is taking over every sector today and adapting to the changing trends to sustain and grow in the coming years. Automation being the key, every provider nowadays wants to get rid of repetitive tasks and automate them as much as possible to increase the productivity. This is where DevOps comes into the picture and it is derived from the agile and lean technology aspects and is increasingly embracing the software business today.

What’s a DevOps Engineer?

A part of adopting DevOps is to create a better working relationship between development and operations groups. Some suggestions to do that include setting the groups together, between them in each other’s processes and workflows, and even creating one cross-functional team that does all. In all of these approaches, Dev is still Dev and Ops is still Ops.

The term DevOps Engineer attempts to dull this split between operations and development altogether and indicates that the best approach is to employ engineers that can be excellent coders as well as manage the Ops functions. A DevOps engineer can be a developer who can think with an Operations state of mind and also has the following skillset:

1. Familiarity and experience with a wide range of Ops and Automation tools
2. Great at writing scripts
3. Comfortable with dealing with frequent testing and incremental releases
4. Understanding of Ops challenges and how they can be addressed during design and development
5. Skills for much better collaboration across the team

Can you be an excellent DevOps Engineer?

The key to being a good DevOps Engineer is to focus on the following aspects:

1. Know the basic concepts on DevOps and get into the state of mind of automating nearly anything
2. Know about the different DevOps tools such as AWS Puppet, Docker, Chef Relic Shippable, JIRA, Slack etc
3. Ops state of mind!
There are common Ops pitfalls that developers need to consider while designing applications. Reminding developers of these during design and development will go a considerable way in preventing these altogether as opposed to running into issues and after that fixing them.
4. Get the process standardized by making a checklist that becomes a portion of a template for design reviews.
5. This can be done with collaborations, all the way through (end to end) where the whole team can help each other in solving issues.
6. A DevOps should be a scripting Guru to make it work – know it all (JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Perl, Back, Powershell etc). This code writing should be written in a way that it can automate repeatable process.

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