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How hands-on experience in Cloud labs makes one job ready

How hands-on experience in Cloud labs makes one job ready

Being able to deliver hands-on IT training to serve both employees’ learning objectives, and organizational goals is a great challenge. It is the one challenges that trainers face with an increase in expectation and limited resources. For over 15 years, the training area has seen an array of changes,  tools and educational technologies introduced making a significant change in how technical training is delivered, designed and consumed.

The evolution of technical training

In 2000, a technical training session would consist of trainers authorized by vendors presenting a combination of hands-on lab exercises and lectures over a period of set time. Even though this mode of training was effective, it was time-consuming and expensive.

Over the next few years, cloud-based labs overtook the corporate world and have since become one of the most crucial element that contribute to the accomplishments of an organization. Online labs give several benefits to companies by helping with the improvement of the bottom line and decreasing the overall expenses. Therefore, we can’t really point out any single reason to which we owe the happy adaptation of the new technology.

Cloud-based labs are turning around the way organizations carry out enterprise training for employees, partners, and clients. On-demand training, reduce lab costs, leverage effectively on resources, equip instructors, and foster better instructor-student collaboration, train lab managers better with flexible resources – all at a much lower cost!

Why does everyone want cloud-based lab training?

Training institutes can replicate and provision complex environments on-demand, within minutes. Once a class is done, you can remove environments with just a click of a mouse. Another attractive feature of cloud labs is its simplicity. There is no requirement to install expensive software, as all the training for a batch can be done in an online lab that can be easily accessed via the browser. There is no stress on the IT department to upgrade servers in order to handle capacity since the onus lies with the provider. Cloud-based labs are easy to set up, use and scale with changing needs.

Students who go through cloud-based lab training show better productivity in jobs

It has been noticed that students who have been trained with cloud-based labs for hands-on training do way better at their jobs. Let us look a few points of why this happens:

  1. Hands-on experience- Access materials outside class hours and classroom: In cloud lab-based training, students get access to lab even outside the class. This helps learners who need more time for practice. Being able to practice on their own on the very technology and environment that they would work on in the real job world gives not only actual experience, but also a tremendous amount of confidence that cannot be compared with someone who has not had this advantage.
  2. Rapid Innovation: Access to actual cloud labs allows students who want to experiment with the programs do so, therefore, encouraging innovative thinking and trial of ideas.
  3. User Empowerment: Students can practice at their own pace and cover up missed portions of lessons after the schedules hours of sessions. This reinforces the learning experience which leads to improved training outcome.
  4. Speed, agility, and scalability: Students can work on a number of real-life projects of various scales without having to spend themselves on the infrastructure. The advantage of self-paced working in these labs is unbeatable.
  5. Student engagement: Peer learning tools like Gamification that boost engagement helps keep students enthused and adds to overall improvement of learned skills. Assignments are given right after lessons, where students can immediately try what they learned in the lab, this increases recall value.
  6. Skill-based labs: Students can train in labs with on-job use of case driven custom courses and projects to get hands-on experience that is just right for the real job world.
  7. IT professionals can instantly upgrade: In the ever-changing world of Cloud technology, it is essential for working professionals to upgrade constantly keeping them relevant to the job market. They can choose to attend the course and train at will when free after work or over weekends.

With the rate at which cloud computing is moving, training institutes of both corporate and individuals, are shifting to the most convenient method of training over Cloud. IIHT is a pioneer of Learning as a Service (LaaS), the 4th brand new type of Cloud services, where you can learn Cloud on the Cloud, allowing you to experience the very platform that you are training for!

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