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Ever wondered, what would be the scenario if Bollywood started showcasing realistic films? In last 25 years I have seen several films and enjoyed them too. It is undeniable that the hard work and efforts involved in creating these entertainment packages do not go in vain. But films today have become an escape from reality, where actresses are always decorated and sport the best look; the actors are pumped up and have all the time on earth to woo the love of their lives. Those lavish dates and Gucci bags and the extraordinary road trips or vacations that they have been taking in reel, makes me wonder where is all the money coming from?? Okay let’s not be so cynical. There are instances when we see our beloved characters on reel in offices!!! But then again either they are too worked up and unhappy about their jobs or yet again busy wooing their girlfriends through a telephonic conversation.

I wish I could wake up in the morning and find a guy waiting for me in the most expensive car. And then I get into an expensive outfit, kiss my parents good bye, who by the way are very happy about my leisurely life and then head on a long journey to a place where there are flowers, butterflies, candy floss and what not. Unfortunately, this journey ends when I switch off the television or when I wake up.

Now, let me give you a reality check. You hungry youngsters should chase your dreams and make reality blissful. Then the lavish cars, a wardrobe full of branded clothes, awesome vacations and proud parents will become routine. This is all possible with just one wise decision and one simple step; Join IIHT! Associate with this IT Training Institute and soar high! Let us help you accomplish your plans, by providing quality training and the perfect job. So fulfill your dreams and hum along the melodious Bollywood songs.