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It is a well-known fact that there are numerous Educational Institutions in India and every now and then new Schools and Institutes are mushrooming in every nook and corner of our country. However, if we see the other side of the coin, the following facts are also true about Indian Education and Employability:

According to NASSCOM, every year around 3 million students finish their graduation and post-graduation. However, the truth is that out of these huge numbers only 18.43% of engineers and 10-15% of non-engineers are skilled enough to get the right job.

But why?

The simple reason is that there is a huge skill-gap between the educational institutes and the industry. Though the IT sector is growing rapidly with new technologies emerging every day, our education system is still lagging far behind in terms of curriculum, infrastructure and quality of teachers. All these factors are responsible for high number of unemployability in our country.

This skill-gap is affecting the youth’s career and future on one hand and also negatively impacting the industrial growth of India. We are still far behind in creating efficient and competent talent that can compete with their counterparts in developed countries. With initiatives like Digital India and Make In India, it is imperative that the requirement for knowledge workforce is only going to grow. These initiatives will only be successful if this demand and supply gap reduces and India is able to produce quality Engineers/Non-engineers who are job-ready!

Further estimations state that India requires more than 2.5 million employees skilled in IT and ITES industries. We are still far behind in filling up these many positions.

India has an amazing percentage of youth as compared to other countries. According to KPMG Report, by 2022, India will have the most number of working population in the world (age 15-59). So, nothing should stop us to become the biggest economy in the world. What we need is a good Educational System or Institutes where our students are well-trained to take corporate roles with efficiency. This is also crucial because today companies do not want to spend time, effort and cost in training their employees.

What employers want is that the employees should:

  1. Be billable from Day 1.
  2. Understand the niche job role that the employee is associated in.
  3. Apply knowledge that is acquired through prior education.
  4. Have a hands-on experience.
  5. Need to possess certification or undergone specific training.

Even a report from Aspiring Minds states that in the past few years there has not been any significant improvement in the employability in India. Out of all the graduates and post-graduates only 3.84% are employable for IT roles in Start-ups. Though several start-up initiatives are taken by the Government of India, however, all this will go in vain, if our students are not skilled to face the start-up challenges.

Thus, it is imperative for students to get hands-on-experience in popular Technologies like Android, ITMS, Hadoop, Cloud & more and get ready to take up new challenges. Not to forget the soft skills and cognitive skills that are equally required to grow in one’s career!

It is an awakening alarm for our Education system to restructure itself and generate engineers who are job-ready! To take up this charge, several vocational and job-specific institutes are taking initiative with the sole aim to bridge this skill-gap. However, we need to increase this momentum and get the good work going!