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Big data is big money! There could be no two opinions about this perception. But the big breaking story is: much of the action in big data analytics sphere in the next couple of years is set to unfold right in India. This means more jobs in the sector and hence the need for a large number of job-ready work-force.

2+ billion-market!

According to an industry estimate, by 2017-18 India alone will account for a big share of the analytics market worth $2.3 billion. The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) is upbeat about the development as it talks about leveraging India’s ‘surplus talent, established infrastructure and a mature ecosystem’ to become a global analytics nerve centre.

Need for professionals

Amid the prevailing optimism, the key industry players and planners have begun an assessment about the availability of industry ready big data analytics professionals. India may have a large pool of surplus talent but does it essentially mean it has skilled professionals to assume big-ticket responsibilities in analytics. The scepticism may not be misplaced given India’s track-record of a near-non-existent skill-gap training programme for students.

Plan of action

IT players in the field have now come forward with a plan of action to address among other things the issue of imparting appropriate training for aspirants seeking to make a career in big data analytics. Their focus, thus, is on increasing awareness, developing talent pool, standardising tools and technologies besides ‘setting up cross functional analytics teams’ to drive rapid industrialisation of the analytics segment.

Obstacles to overcome

However, despite the positive outlook for the business of analytics, there are still many obstacles to be overcome before India can firmly establish its credential as a global big data analytics player. Grooming a reliable workforce capable of delivering is one of the main challenges before the various stakeholders, both in the public and private sector units.

Gateway to big data skills

The gateway to the world of efficient management of big data business is the alternative skills in Jive, Hive, Scoop, Latin, Piglatin besides the Hadoop and basic Java, etc. These skills are likely to stand job aspirants in good stead and will be real assets to keep and nurture for big ticket positions in the business of big data analytics in the days and months to come.

Data management skills

As an increasing number of businesses realise the importance of data management for increasing profit margins, the demand for big data skills trained professionals is steadily on the rise. This is at a time when analytics is yet to take a firm root in India. IT skill gap training institutions with proven credentials such as IIHT have expertise to provide ‘job specific talent development’. The organisation is engaged in meeting the supply-demand gap for data analytics professionals.

Big data skills at IIHT

Keeping in mind the rising demand of the industry IIHT has introduced its ambitious Big Data Hadoop Engineering Programme for aspiring candidates. Under the curriculum candidates will be exposed to alternate technologies such as Jive, Hive, Scoop, Latin, Piglatin, etc. It is a much sought after engineering programme at the IIHT’s worldwide training centres. It equips candidates with necessary skills for seamless management of a large volume of scattered data, generated on a daily basis. An increasing number of enterprises in India and worldwide are opting for big data analytics technologies as it provides for scalable, cost effective storage and ensures faster processing of big data.

Comprehensive training

The engineering course seeks to create job-ready big data analytics professionals by imparting comprehensive training in Java Fundamentals, Hadoop Fundamentals, HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Pig and Latin, HBase, Sqoop, Yarn, MongoDB and Hadoop Security, Scoop, etc. All IIHT coursed are being constantly revamped in keeping with the changing demands of the IT industry.

Job opportunities galore!

For a trained professional there are currently ample job opportunities waiting to be grabbed. The industry is in need of professionals like MAP Reduce Application Developer, Custom Hadoop Application Developer, Hadoop Administrator, etc. According to ‘Analytics Industry Report’ companies that hire “…Analytical professionals in India obtain 250 per cent hike in their salaries.” That should be music to the ears of candidates, trained or getting trained for big data analytics roles in the industry.