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Advantages of Franchise business and how IIHT is doing it effectively?

Advantages of Franchise business and how IIHT is doing it effectively?

What is a Franchised Business?

Significant steps are taken over the last few years to ease the way of running a business and to remove all the hindrances and impediments for a smooth business management. Specific emphasis is given to ensure each sector boosts and motivates upcoming business in their area of services. While a start-up or new business organization struggles initially to find its base there are big organizations that look forward to conglomerate with others who would help them to carry their business forward, the deal is usually on a pre-decided partnership basis and this type of business association is called Franchised Business.

Franchise system of business progression is a licensed agreement where franchisee is allowed to have a comprehensive access to the business processes, trademarks, proprietary knowledge and are allowed to sell or deal with the products under the same brand name by paying the initial start-up and licensing fee which can be in quarter, half or annual year basis.

Benefits of franchised Business?

For Franchisee

For starters, the most difficult part of the entire business process is to find the customers and right clients because the reality is that “Nobody trusts Nobody” so being new to any form of business has usually its own set of disadvantages and therefore a lot of initial effort is usually spent on marketing and making the business and its services are known to the potential customers.

Now, if the new business venture carries the name of a big and acclaimed organization, it not only boosts the working but also gives it a reputation of being the known to the crowd in general which helps them build a huge customer base.

A franchisee gains access all the knowledge and can use all the tried and tested formulas to implement the best of the services and gain maximum profit.

For Franchisers

Setting up a new business is a challenge, making it a success is another challenge but the toughest challenge here is to maintain the success rate without compromising on business ethics. To increase the business prospect and gain a broader aspect of a profitable business relationship, big brands offer licenses under which upcoming start-ups are allowed to use their brand name, proprietary knowledge, and business protocols by paying the applicable fee.

Many organizations have a small percentage of the profits earned too which is also referred to as royalty, so for the franchises, it is a win-win situation as they get to spread their business without any loss while having control over the business process to avoid any compromise with the quality.

The best of IIHT Franchise

IIHT is one of the most renowned names in the field of delivering the best training in the field of Information Technology. With an experience of over 22 years in delivering an ideal education and practical training to millions of IT aspirants, IIHT proffers ways to join hands with upcoming and potential partners. IIHT possess a successful business model that helps in creating a chain of centers across multiple nations.

Apart from allowing the brand name and business model to be used, IIHT also finds out the best IT trainers for all of its franchise, specific care, and attention is given to ensure that no compromise is done with the quality of training imparted.

IIHT offers three forms of franchise business which can be opted for:

Start Master Franchise: This is a big aspect of amalgamation with IIHT as apart from conducting and arranging all the forms of IIHT training they also manage upcoming unit franchisees under the allocated territory.

Start Unit Franchise: This is a low investment business opportunity which associates the interested partners with IIHT, this is an ideal and safe form of investment.

University Level Association: This is another form of association where you get all the access and rights to use the IIHT brand name and proprietary knowledge to ensure that the quality of training imparted to the students is quintessential.


As explained, IIHT leaves no stones unturned to make sure that all its associated and business partners derive the maximum profit out of this alliance. The success of associating with IIHT is proven time and again and is absolutely indubitable.

IIHT focuses and emphasizes on having a long term and mutually rewarding association with each and every associate as for us in IIHT Success is to be earned and Success is to be celebrated.