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7 Amazing VMware facts you need to know

7 Amazing VMware facts you need to know

VMware is a virtual software which allows cloud computing. It was founded in the year 1998 and is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies. It is compatible with macOS, Windows and Linux operating systems. The hypervisors allow a virtualized set of hardware to be used by users in order to run multiple systems on a single physical machine. This state-of-art technology provides the advantage to several companies and has several points of use for clients. Here we list a few facts you should know that makes VMware awesome:

  1. Something for everyone: VMware has several products that are available to streamline the practices of the user and make data access easier. Whether the client is a corporate IT company or a hospital, there is a VMware product that can add storage, accessibility and/or protection to the IT system of the organization.
  2. The need for external storage can be eliminated: The Virtual San VMware product can eliminate the want for an external storage. VMware can make a pool of all the information that is ever collected on disks, flash drives, and store them in a data share cluster that is easy to access and use. If the client still wants to use an external storage system, the VMware product can work in collaboration with it.
  3. VMware Updates: Improvements are constantly being made for any software or app and this happens automatically. It is crucial to keep your system updated in order to ensure that you get the maximum benefit of your software. Added to this, the updates help remove bugs that the software may have previously had.
  4. The different operating systems are controlled by different VMware: All virtual machines are not created equally. One will need different products in order to achieve results one is looking for. Based on the environment of operation, one would need to pick the corresponding virtual machine.
  5. Amazing back-end support for troubleshooting: There are many trained people at VMware who will help you troubleshoot regardless of what the problem is. Be it trying to locate data, or spotting something suspicious, or whether it needs a team of experts ready who are willing to help. One can easily reach out to the VMware support team and request help.
  6. Partnering with AWS: Did you know Amazon Web Services and VMware announced a partnership that gives a new vSphere based cloud service that runs on AWS? This hybrid cloud application of VMware Cloud on AWS makes it easy to run any application that uses a common set of tools and software that are familiar. This service is being delivered, supported and sold by VMware and was recently made available.
  7. In 2016, the VMworld events hosted over 75,000 partners, influencers and customers in Europe and across APJ vForums in 13 countries and 17 locations!

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