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5 ways by which attending webinars can help your career

5 ways by which attending webinars can help your career

There always comes a time in our browsing when an interesting webinar ad catches our attention, we register and end up not actually attending it. Maybe you were genuinely busy, were not as interested in the subject as you were earlier or were just plain lazy. Some of the IT industry’s best webinars go under-attended or unattended. What do you get out of a webinar? Well, for starters, a lot of critical information that can give you direction without taking up too much of your time. Here are top 5 reasons why you must attend webinars and how they can help your career:

  1. Career Direction: The IT Industry is always in a state of constant change. If you do not stay up-to-date with the changing trends, then you slip into the risk of becoming less competent and gradually into the scariest place of becoming unemployable. Seminars that need physical attendance generally take several months to organize but webinars are in a better position to deliver timely information that is relevant to the IT oriented audience. Attending webinars are a perfect way to explore one’s interest levels in various IT domains and this may lead to picking a specific stream as a career option. For a working professional, they allow one to grow the expertise in a subject area helping improve one’s professional acumen.
  2. Make an impression at work: The more you know, the more you can contribute to your company! This is why a lot of companies encourage their employees to continue their education so they can apply it at their workplace. The one quick, sure way you can stand out in your team is attend webinars to help increase your knowledge of existing technologies, insights into new technologies and know-how’s of best industry practices that are pertinent to your company. This will make you look appealing to your company’s management and not will not only add to your education but will also add to your professional worth to the company.
  3. A glimpse into your dream companies/competition: When it comes to developing a robust business strategy, one should always have a comprehensive competitive analysis of the current industry situation. Webinars usually include case studies that give you an insight into what the IT biggies are upto that usually set the trend for the rest of the IT industry.
  4. Make contacts: Attending webinars is a great place to help with networking with like-minded people who can add to your career inspiration, growth and lead you to taking serious training in a job-oriented technical course. There is immense opportunity to connect to fellow attendees and hosts in the chat box of the webinar. Get involved in the follow-up after the webinars and this will allow you to get full advantage of the webinar.
  5. Learn from the experts: Usually webinars are conducted by subject matter experts. A good webinar host will talk about his personal experience in the subject. He or she would generally share their experience in dealing with actual challenges in the technologies, success stories, mistakes made and learning experiences. Webinars are a golden opportunity to hear first-hand from the experts themselves. Webinars are a great source of new ideas, inspiration and insights from industry experts in the technology you pick. Hearing from experts is an experience that may not be available freely in an in-person seminar. Webinars can put you at least digitally in a room with professionals who are willing to talk about their expert insights.

The next time there is an opportunity for you to attend a webinar, grab it, because you never know what fantastic opportunities it can lead to! IIHT hosts webinars at regular frequency in latest, industry relevant technologies by industry experts in its OpenHouse learning environment! For more go to: http://www.els.iiht.com/openhouse