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College life is said to be the best time of a youngster’s life. Academically also, it is a very crucial stage. It is during your college days that you prepare yourself, to become a qualified candidate; qualified to bag an awesome job. We choose different fields and streams, according to our interests. We specialise in certain subjects, which later become the core foundation of our career. The year when you graduate, not only brings an epic journey to an end but is also the beginning of another important stage of life. This is when you start implementing all the knowledge that you have gained in the past, to bring monetary stability and satisfaction in your life, through a job. But is it as simple as it seems? Innumerable graduates pass out every year from various streams and apply for jobs in various sectors. Considering a highly populated nation like India, the competition is at its peak.

The information technology industry in India is one of the giant industries. Several job aspirants across the country look forward to pocket a stable IT job. But is everyone successful? If no, why? The answer is very simple. What you learn in college makes you qualified, but it does not make you a perfect fit for a job. Reason being, the lack of right skill sets. The IT industry is constantly evolving and innovating a plethora of emerging technologies. Hence, with this persistent growth, it is very difficult to survive with the limited knowledge that has already become futile. It is important that one continuously upgrades the skill sets required to make it big in the IT market.The recruiters want that, an employee should not only have specialised in a particular subject but should also be willing to embrace change and to keep improving. One should know the organisational culture and should have the ability to transform according to the ever changing nature of this industry.

The academic syllabus is just a foundation or the basics of Information Technology. It has become must, to up skill self and to learn the latest technologies to get recruited and to survive in the industry. Up-skilling is not something that is taught, it cannot be done by any third party, in a matter of few months or through a few courses. It is a prolonged procedure where the candidate itself has to put in efforts, to change. Therefore, it is really difficult to get a fresher, a job, until he or she has the willingness to walk an extra mile to groom themselves, in order to become a perfect fit for an IT organisation.

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