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Why do Companies want to hire Fullstack Developers ?

Why do Companies want to hire Fullstack Developers ?

The latest buzzword in the development field is fullstack and everyone seems to want them. What really is so special about them? Find out here…

A fullstack developer is familiar with all layers of software and is comfortable with working on all technologies that is needed to take an idea and give a finished product. Being well versed in all technologies is close to impossible, because there are so many of them and keeping up with learning updates on all can be quite a task. This could actually take years of experience to achieve but just proficiency alone can go a long way in terms of how an application gets developed. Freshers can start early with fullstack development training and even the way they work would be so much more efficient than regular developers, even if they apparently are not recognized as full-stack developers with ‘street credibility’. Let’s understand why with a simple example.

Think of the application to be developed as a city. You would need to get around the city quite a bit and understand routes, short cuts, best places; best ways to get around, what kind of people to ask for help etc. This same logic applies for software as well. You will need to develop a fair understanding of the system you work with even before you can deliver quickly with optimal results of high quality.

Have you visited a new city before, do you remember how tough it was getting around without a guide? Even when you ask a passerby for guidance, the person can start mentioning street names and landmarks that you may have no idea about. This is because you lack understanding about the surroundings. This makes it tough to accomplish even simple tasks like getting a bottle of water in the new environment. How can one accelerate one’s ability of achieving more in the new environment? You would probably pick a map or use a good app that can show you visual descriptions on how to get to the closest shop that sells bottled water.


You probably get the drift now – as to how much value software visualization can add to development. A company can nurture every single member of a development team in order to gain critical understanding of accomplishing more. But visualization can accelerate that learning. Software visualization can form a great basis for making sure that one’s primary working context, a software project can be understood in the same exact way by everyone in the team. This is when fullustack developers become the perfect fit. Since they have a broad knowledge of the application, they can help with guiding other members of the team. A fullstack developer can supercharge the whole team by exposing the knowledge in simple-to-understand visual maps. They can nurture every member of the development team since they have system wide understanding. This is why companies like Facebook now hire only fullstack developers, while a lot of other companies are looking to add atleast one fullstack developer in a software team before they consider taking the complete plunge in overhauling their entire teams by replacing everyone with fullstack developers.


Upskilling is a must in today’s IT job scenario but why go for anything lesser than fullstack when the best is made available in India for the first time. IIHT launched its MEARN stack course that combines MEAN and MERN making it unique. Enquire today for more details.