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Why being an Edupreneur is the Safest Entrepreneurial Option in Today’s Environment

Why being an Edupreneur is the Safest Entrepreneurial Option in Today’s Environment

The boom in the IT industry in the late 1990s saw the dawn of IT training institutes sprouting in all the major cities of India. The IT industry then went through a low in the later part of the next decade, yet the influx of admissions in these institutes only increased. This is because a job in the IT industry still got any engineer or even a nonengineer seeing stars! The industry soon recovered but went through and is still going through several crises like the Y2K, automation take-over, H-1B visa regulations etc. And all through these several crises, the IT training institutes sector has stood strong. There are several reasons to why this sector is so unshakable. Let’s look at a few obvious ones:

  1. With the wake of the outsourcing industry, the demand for IT institutes has increased.
  2. The IT industry is a constantly evolving one where software, the various technologies and new programs, and its newer versions are constantly introduced. One has little choice but to keep up lest they fall into the lower end of the employee spectrum. The one that runs the risk of getting considered the first to getting laid off.
  3. It forms an important factor of today’s workplaces. Freshers get specialized training in these institutes to make themselves more valuable to employers and thereby getting high paying jobs.
  4. Several software companies look to these institutes for potential employees. This is because they would rather employ an already trained professional than hire a newbie and spend on training.
  5. An education certificate from a reputed Institute is always seen as a permanent asset, both from the students’ and the potential employers’ point of view.
  6. It has an edge over conventional college courses in terms of having updated course material.

India has an important place in the world education industry. Even with 227 million students enrolled in 1.7 million education institutions, there is still immense potential to grow. India has the largest tertiary-age population in the world and will have the second largest graduate talent in the world by the year 2020. The education market is valued at a whopping USD 116.4 billion this year! Out of which 0.6% share goes to technology specific educational institutions (USD 6.9 million). And as technology and globalization go on to reshape the labor market needs worldwide, the demand for people with more specialized skills and a broader knowledge base shall continue to rise. As such becoming an edupreneur in the field of IT education is certainly a viable option given the present and future environments!

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