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What is a Fullstack Developer?

What is a Fullstack Developer?

What is a Fullstack Developer?

As per several surveys including the Stack Overflow 2016 Developer Survey, the Fullstack web developer is now the most popular and in-demand IT profile today. This is why one can see dozens of courses that have sprung up to help IT aspirants and developers become Fullstack developers.

What does it mean to become a Fullstack developer?

A fullstack developer is someone who is able to work with the back end, front end and the database portions of a web application.

Front end – Front end refers to the part of an application that the users see or interact with. This is basically the user interface and includes the general presentation of the application.

Back end – This is the portion of the application that handles the user authentication, database interaction, logic, server configuration, logic for fetching data etc. It basically includes all the background workings of an application to give you results based on your inputs.

Database – All data pertaining to a web application is stored in a database. They are stored in backend files where they need to be fetched or modified whenever needed.

These three constitute the basic functioning of any web application.

Being a fullstack engineer or a fullstack developer does not mean mastery over everything in order to work. But it means that one is able to work on all three sides and understand what impact can be caused on the other two sides when modifications/building is done on one side. Generally, during the development of a web application, there are three separate teams handling each one of these three sides or stacks. The UI/UX designer handles the front end, the backend developer does his part of coding logic and the database manager does his bit of managing data within the database. But a fullstack developer is able to carry out all three functions with ease.

Why is Fullstack development the future?

With thinning of hired resources and merging of roles, the Fullstack developer is the most wanted profile in the IT industry. The latest versions of technologies are becoming easier to upgrade with and handle, allowing developers to multi task more easily. This is why more and more companies are hiring fullstack developers.

What else does a fullstack developer role include?

The fullstack developer’s role extends way beyond just the front end, back end and data base. Here are a few areas that he/she is expected to be proficient at:

  1. Quality assurance: This includes writing testing codes to test all layers of the application.
  2. Interaction of external world and APIs.
  3. Security of the web application – at all levels and throughout the program.
  4. A thorough understanding of business and client requirement

A fullstack developer may not necessarily work on all the stacks himself but should be able to oversee a project from all perspectives and should be able to lend his proficiency whenever required in whichever part of the project. He naturally also should develop mastery in at least one technology over time.

This superhero profile is much sought after by not just the software industry, but any industry that is making its headway into the digital space. Do you think you have it to be the Superhero of the IT industry? Get in touch here and let’s discuss your prospect of donning the mighty cape!