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What are IT recruiters looking for

What are IT recruiters looking for

When you go for an interview and are not selected the most common reason that the recruiters give you are “Sorry, you don’t have what we are looking for”. But what exactly are they looking for? Everyone want to know what actually those top IT recruiter want while hiring their workforce. What are the qualities they look for or the parameters they judge you on?

Well, this guide is going to serve your purpose, let’s have a look:

The tech magician

It’s quite obvious that if you are going for the position of a software engineer they would want you to have strong technical skills. They actually need a tech magician, one who can carve his way out of any logical problem, one who can turn any real life situation into few lines of codes that a machine can understand. Or, they want a person who can be trained to become one, who has the passion for doing whatever it takes to become that magician.

An all-rounder

What next? Well, they certainly don’t need a person who wants to stick to his desk and do the same task every day. Rather they want a person who can handle the responsibilities of multiple domains. One who can turn himself into a smooth client handler, the project presenter or whatever is the need of the hour. They need someone who can play any role that the situation demands.

An innovator

Have you ever come across an idea, one which is conceptually out of the box but you think is possible to execute? If, yes then Bang! You are the type of person they would love to have on their side. They need innovators who can think dynamically, who can suggest them a way out of any problem.

The learner who can adapt

Now, are you a person who likes to stick to the same role for rest of eternity, one who never wants to switch profile or change their operating domain, then I’m afraid you would never be their first choice. They need a person who is ready to learn new technologies, and is more than ready to switch profile if the business demands so.

So, whenever the Recruiter asks you “whether you will be willing to switch your profile?” then never say no. Just reply them with a simple statement that “If it is the need of the hour, then I am happy to switch profiles.”

The perfect manager

They need someone who can manage things around. And most of all, one who can manage his time and other resources. So, do you think you have the quality to manage any situation that may fall on you? If yes, then you need not worry, you are going to crack that next interview you are going to face.

A potential leader

To cut the long story short – Top IT recruiters are looking for “A potential leader who can lead their organization to new heights.”

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