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Vocational training is becoming mandatory Discover why

We spend 3 to 4 precious years of our life to build a skill set that can help us land a good job and in turn, we can have a good career. We study hard days and night to pass the examination, practicing for job interviews and what not? Reading books, online mock tests, and plenty of other efforts that we make are aimed at one common target i.e. A Job, correction -> “A GOOD Job”. However, at the end when the real test, the interview comes, many of us fail. All due to a single common reason, the gap between what we have studied and what is required in companies.

Have I wasted four years of my life without adding any worth to myself?

Those 4 years of graduation were the most important phase of your life and no, you haven’t wasted them. You have accumulated that basic knowledge in college that is required to build upon. That knowledge serves as the foundation stone for you.

Who will fill that gap and what should I do next?

To get a good job you need to build upon the basic technical skill set that you have formed during your graduation years, and vocational training is the best option to serve the same purpose. These vocational trainings don’t only give you the technical expertise but they build the skill set that is mandatory for the corporate environment.

Here is a brief overview of the package of benefits that vocational training gives you:

You get to take off the fresher’ tag

The first benefit of joining a vocational training course is that you will be no longer tagged as an inexperienced fresher. You won’t be a person who just has that theoretical knowledge from books and who knows nothing about “how things actually go in corporate.

Adds the tag of specialist

Yes, at the end of that vocational training you will be getting the tag or a certificate to be precise for specialization in a particular domain. And believe me every certificate in your portfolio counts. From here on you are not just the run-of-the-mill fresher you are a specialist now. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

A complete makeover of your engine

This is by far the biggest advantage that you will gain from joining a vocational training course. That gap between your skills and what employers need will be bridged. The specialization training will help you build on that skill set and become the professional that you intend to.

Bridge that gap

Or we can say a complete makeover of your personality. The training not only focuses on the technical aspects but they give equal importance to developing your personality as a whole. From communication skills to dressing sense, they will teach you all the aspects that are required to sustain in the world of professionals.

Connect you to corporate

Some of the vocational training centers also help you get a good job. There are institution level placements in training centers where companies hire the top performers. So, all benefits at a single place, it can’t get better than this!

IIHT “where classes are more like workplace”:

IIHT is one such vocational training institute that focuses on each and every aspect mentioned above. There specially designed courses focus upon the overall development of a student, making him a professional that organizations need.