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Top 5 Ways to Make a Great Lasting Impression

Top 5 Ways to Make a Great Lasting Impression

When you prepare for an interview, your focus is probably going to be on the technical questions and how to answer them, the tone, witty yet professional statements that you want to add – why you may even practice in front of a mirror! Well, for the most part of the interview, you may be well prepared for this hoping you grab the offer letter fast. But even before you can start delivering this well-thought out answers, you’ll have your interviewers eyes set on you, evaluating your potential.

Right from the first second that you walk in, the pressure sets in – to make a great first impression. Here are some tips to help you nail it:

  1. Be on time: Of course, you’ve heard this ton of times but this is a crucial aspect that is instantly noticed by the interviewer, even before you meet them. If you happen to be running late, make a call and inform the interviewer that you will be late and give them a tentative time of your arrival.
  2. Dress appropriately: The way you dress may not be a major deciding factor but it certainly plays a role in how the interviewer perceives you first. If you come dressed in formals, with clean foot ware, then you will come across as a well-prepared person. If you dress too casually and walk in with messy hair then you will not exude the required sense of professionalism. Remember your dressing style for an interview should be between formal and semi-formal.
  3. Carry only the essentials: Make sure you carry everything necessary. Some companies expect you to carry passport size photographs, extra hard copies of resume etc. Remember to go through the call letter carefully and make note of any such particulars that they ask of you. Remember to carry these particulars and place them in order, so you know what is located where in your file/bag when asked.
  4. Be polite with the receptionist: The receptionist may not be your hiring manager, but a lot of recruiters check with the front desk executives about the nature of your dealings. So it is important that you are polite to him/her.
  5. Turn off your phone or put it on silent: The fastest way to annoy an interviewer would have your phone constantly ring in front of them. Remember to change the profile of your phone to ‘in a meeting’ mode or silent mode. If you are waiting for the interviewer, do not start looking at your phone, however tempting. You can go through your resume to see what you left out.

You certainly may have heard these points earlier but this golden list is your perfect checklist that will remain timeless over the years!