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Top 5 Tips of Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Top 5 Tips of Becoming a Full Stack Developer

Entering the IT industry has been easy for thousands across our country, but actually catching and riding the information technology wave as a full stack developer is a far cry from ‘easy’. Being a full stack developer means being proficient in the front end as well as backend technologies. It requires one to know most of the programming languages. The most used one if not all. One needs to have good understanding of back end, front end technologies as well as database. Here are some great tips that will help you:

  1. Pick a niche: Full stack certainly means learning it all but it also means picking the path that you want to excel in. You will need to identify the customer and the business needs carefully. Once that is done, pick your area of focus and expertise where you train in deeply. For example, Javascript is a favorite area of expertise for many software engineers. But when it comes to being a full stack, here you would also need to know CSS, database systems, HTMP, web server deployment, version control system and payment systems. This itself gets one a long way.
  2. Strengthen your fundamentals: You may have learned up some back end technologies in college and even worked in projects with some of them. College courses may even touch upon certain front-end technologies as well. But it is important you learn the latest version from industry experts along with hands-on experience in all these technologies. This will ensure that you iron out your technical knowledge in all required areas.
  3. Pick one language, not everything: Knowing and being able to work with all technologies is certainly needed for a full stack developer, but make sure you zoom in on technologies that your stack will need most. It is close to impossible to keep up with all technologies and stay updated. This can get overwhelming and even frustrating at times. This is why you should focus on learning a few important technologies. For instance, you need not worry if you do not have expertise in all the available general purpose programming languages. Pick 2-3 important ones and focus on being updated in them.
  4. Take a course: Even if you happen to prepare well, you will always need to learn up new things on demand. You will need to be a fast learning of anything and everything that comes your way! In order to do this, make sure you upskill, reskill and cross skill by signing up for convenient weekend courses that will help you stay ahead of the game. IT education institutes like IIHT have convenient course options with training by industry experts.
  5. Building a peer network: A great way to stay relevant in the ever-changing market would be is to simply stay updated. Build a network of peers online and interact as often as possible. There are several ways to do this – join online communities, forums, chat groups, social media sites, so and so forth.

Basically, being a full stack developer means signing up to a lifetime of learning! Let us know your favorite trick to learn up technologies in the comments section below!