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Top 5 Things you MUST do on Social Media to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Top 5 Things you MUST do on Social Media to Help You Find Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job can never be an easy task. Today, there are a number of tools (online) that are available to help you look for a new job in more effective and efficient ways than ever before. Networking is hands down one of the best ways to get the job you are looking for. And naturally, social media plays into a major part of networking today. Social media can help you get in touch with recruiters in a less formal environment helping you connect better. Here are 5 ways to make the best use of social media with job search as a goal:

  1. Reaching out to Facebook friends: Letting your personal contacts know that you are looking for a job is a great start. Your personal contacts include your friends, your relatives, and neighbors, basically people who are your well wishers and are invested in your well being. You will be surprised how your contacts can have connections that can help, if not be able to help themselves. Personal messaging may not be the most ideal thing to do but putting up a status with basic details of the kind of position you are looking at and your basic qualifications will be adequate.
  2. Look up common connections: Make a list of all your resources. It can be someone as far off as an uncle you may not be very fond of but is still resourceful. Make sure to include everyone you know is well connected or even may have a chance of connections in the IT world. Even if you do not talk to these people often, you can always start a casual conversation with them on social media. This is how social media comes to your rescue! You can look up facebook or LinkedIN to see who has connections in your potential employers’ companies. That is when you can request your connections to help you get an interview. When you manage to get an interview call, you can also ask your connections or connections’ connection help with interview questions. They will sure have some valuable tips to share.
  3. Make a website: You can create your own personal website with all your CV details. Visuals always make a big impact. If you are worried about not knowing web designing, don’t worry, there are plenty of free website designing services like wordpress, Wix etc where you can create a visually appealing CV in very little time. This way you can also display your project in detail, state your past experience, display samples of your work etc. You can then link this mini website with your naukri and Monstor accounts. This link can also be shared on social media with your connections. You can also start a blog on your resume website where you write articles on topics of your field. This adds credibility and showcases your communication skills along with your expertise in the field. Everytime you post a blog article, share in on your social media. Blogs can require regular maintenance but it can work magic in helping you land your dream job!
  4. Go through all your social media accounts: Social media accounts say a lot about who we are, so you should make sure that you are communicating the right message. Do a review of all your accounts from the view point of a potential employer. Delete anything you think may be detrimental. Update all outdated information. Correct grammatical errors; delete content that you may find discouraging like embarrassing photos, jokes in bad taste, offensive posts or comments etc.
  5. Join groups and follow pages of companies on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: A lot of companies post openings on their social media accounts. Make a list of all companies that you would like to work in and look up for their social media accounts. You can get instant notification on when they have openings and apply immediately. LinkedIn has a massive set of 2.1 million professional groups. You never know what contacts you can get through these groups, so take part in discussions regularly.

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