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When you go about giving interviews, the most valuable asset, would be a relevant skillset. A basic graduation degree or even an engineering degree can only attest that you have undergone basic education in a field but it says nothing much about the skillset that you may even potentially have.

The strength of money may open a few doors, references and connections may only get you so far and a charming charisma will surely not do anything about getting the work done. So it is solely your skills and abilities in a relevant domain that will be seen as a commodity in the IT domain. With this in mind, it only makes absolute sense to expand and update your skillset as much as you can, as often as you can, as widely as you can. Whether you are a fresher to the IT industry, someone looking to change career paths or just desiring to advance your present role, upskilling is THE option to success. Even if you may think you will learn certain skills organically when you get a job, the first job itself may seem a distance away. This is when a fresher should seriously consider picking up a new skill. Here are some reasons why upskilling is a worthy investment:

  1. Helps kick start your dream career in the IT industry: For every IT job opening, there are hundreds vying to get in. 2018 will see the total number of Indian software engineers go up to 5.4 million! The IT out sourcing is also set to rise by 14%. So you only need to upskill yourself in order to get an edge above the rest and be more visible to the employer. Reputed Institutes like IIHT have exclusive placement cells that can help place you in your sought after job. This is easy for them because they have tie ups with several IT companies.
  1. Basis of a future proof career: The software industry has dynamics that are unpredictable. No position in an IT company can be 100% secure unless you have a good skill set that your employer will see as useful. Smart planning for upskilling will allow you to accumulate a number of skills in various areas that can help you get and secure the job of your dreams.
  1. Making yourself more valuable: The top IT companies much prefer someone who can add value to their companies. For ex., If you have skill in the latest cloud technology in comparison to others who only have theoretical knowledge, then you will instantly be chosen over all other engineers who have the same degree as you. An employee with updated skill is seen as someone to have strong problem-solving capabilities, good performance overall and high level of productivity.
  1. Learn from inspiring people: When you take an upskilling course from a reputed institution like IIHT, you get to learn from expert professionals from the IT industry who have years of experience in the field. They pass on their rich experience in terms of work culture, what is expected from employers and so much more along with training in the course material itself. Whether its co-learners or mentors, you never know where these contacts can lead you!
  1. Discover a new passion: If you are looking for an IT job, then there is a good chance you do have a passion for the subject. But you learn a new skill, then you open yourself to uncovered passion for a specific area. This passion can easily shine through certifications and job interviews that IIHT assists with.

If you dream big of a colorful IT career, then IIHT is the perfect place to start! With periodically updated courses offered in the most sought after technologies, you are sure to get the much needed push your resume needs.