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Top 4 Job Search Facts that’ll Get you Rethinking about how you Apply for Jobs

Top 4 Job Search Facts that’ll Get you Rethinking about how you Apply for Jobs

If you are done with studies and it’s finally time for you to look for a job, then this is a must read! Applying jobs isn’t half as easy as deciding to get a job. The quest for a job can get intimidating and confusing. Here we make it a little easier with some inside peek at what goes on behind the scene of a job interview. These lesser known facts will help clear up the confusion for you:

  1. A lot of job openings are not posted: By a lot, we mean a good 80%! These openings never get posted and are found mostly through networking. This means, looking through the web is just not enough. It works well if you would want to know what the market is like but for a lot of jobs, talking and networking with humans is necessary. A serious job seeker must supplement online search with real-world interactions. You can reach out to people you know as a first step. Let people around you know you are looking for a job through social networking, connecting with classmates etc.
  2. Your resume doesn’t really get read: Actually, they only get a glance. Study says, recruiters spend a mere 6 seconds glancing through your resume before deciding to call you for an interview. So a good resume may not immediately get you the job, but a bad resume can totally ruin the chance. Make it as user-friendly as possible. Include relevant experience, limit it to a page, and run a spell check.
  3. Knowing people on the inside can help: Even if a company posts a job online, they would prefer to take in candidates who are recommended by their own employees. This is because they are always looking for people who click well with the present employees. A study shows that 7% of applicants get employee referrals but referral profiles account for 40% of hiring.
  4. Change your embarrassing email id: A staggering 76% of resumes from unprofessional email ids like ih8you@gmail.com simply get rejected. This alone becomes a cause for disqualification but it also helps cut down the competition for you! If your email id is digitalmarketer@yourdomain.com when you are applying for a job in cloud computing, it shows your loyalties may lie in another field. Change your email id if yours sounds something like this.

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