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Top 4 IT Tech Skills Employers are Looking for in Resumes

Top 4 IT Tech Skills Employers are Looking for in Resumes

The demand in specialized technological skills maybe growing right now, but it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get a job. The competition among qualified candidates is at, sits peek, so to draw attention to you can be quite a task! Engineers who are looking for a job in an IT company also have the added pressure of getting updated with the ever-evolving technological skills that are in demand. As trends change and the technologies get upgraded, it’s crucial to sharpen up your skills and stay up dated if you want to stay relevant to the IT industry.

Tech experts, hiring managers and executives shared the top tech skills that employers are looking for in resumes right now:


Matt Ehrlichman, the co-founder of Porch pointed out that even though ‘developer’ or ‘programmer’ isn’t really a job title any longer; it has become increasingly necessary for every member of a start up team to know their way around the code of websites and applications. Having your programming basics strong will certainly make you way more attractive to a prospective employer and may become the defining reason for getting you hired. It is crucial that people who are looking for tech jobs keep their knowledge in the specific programming languages updated and add on skills in terms of using new methodologies, tools, etc. Engineers in the software field must educate themselves from time to time. The best and most systematic way would be to take courses. This helps one understand the programming language thoroughly, often touching upon basics to help you be thorough. This will give one the confidence in working on varying projects and adapting well to various domains. This is what will give you an edge against your peers.

If you are a fresher, then highly specialized courses on updated programming languages from premium IT education institutes like IIHT will help you master the basics in just a matter of a few weeks. A course in Java in such an institute is almost a must as one gets hands on experience in real life-like projects preparing you for the industry.


Android Development

The use of mobile devices and more specifically Android devices are growing in the biggest way in terms of popularity and usage. Today, businesses are making huge investments in terms of resources and time. Just as in the web domain, mobile technology today is also continuously changing. It’s not just software companies but also businesses of all domains that are hiring in-house teams to keep up with the shifting market.



DevOps or Development is becoming an important department in several companies and is all set to become the norm. This aspect covers several IT related job functions, whether it is network infrastructure or software engineering. Skills that are grouped along with DevOps are basic programming knowledge, system administration and scripting. DevOps are also a major part of the emerging profile of a full stack developer


Big Data Analytics

IT job seekers should understand well and properly asses how businesses and governments are harnessing big data analytics in order to shape business, marketing and operational strategies. A candidate who has the capacity to capture valuable information from vast amounts of data using data analytics and can also manage enterprise risks becomes an asset to any organization.

Freshers who pay attention to these changing technologies and adapt to them by taking courses in these respective areas certainly stand out, way apart from the crowd! Talk to an industry expert from IIHT today and learn how you can add to your current skill set.