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The Important Role Social Media Plays for Job Seekers

The Important Role Social Media Plays for Job Seekers

Looking for a new job? Your social media can play a great helping hand! Networking on social media is the latest reliable way in the field of recruitment. Social media provides a great way to connect and network in the most natural way. Any successful job search is also based on these very principles – of matching and fitting in naturally. Social media today is getting pervasive with organizations creating their official pages on social media and basing a large part of PR management on social media. This makes it imperative for job seekers themselves to brush up their use of social media.

Why have employers adapted to social networking?

Social networking websites and applications are now used extensively by employers. As per a recent research, over 90% of employers are making use of social media as a major selection factor for recruitment. It gives recruiters a good peek into the individual’s preferences, natural culture etc making it easy for recruiters to gauge if the person can fit into an organization well.

Why must job seekers use the power of social media?

Social networking can give way more opportunities than traditional employment methods. There is a possibility of interacting with current or past employees of your dream company on professional groups. Following potential employers on their pages helps one stay updated with job openings and happenings in the industry, sometimes even before it reaches traditional job seeking channels or news websites. There are pages and groups where even individuals looking for team members to work with post ads. It also gives freshers a good gist of what the real job world is like. A lot of job openings are made available through word of mouth, and references always work better. An active social network can open up avenues in ways you would never expect!

How does it help?

Social Networking is a one stop source to

  • Connecting with potential employers
  • Getting to know the potential employer’s work culture
  • Interview tips from current employees when interacting in professional groups
  • Getting to know future colleagues
  • Checking for openings
  • Staying updated on trends in your field
  • Latest updates in tools or technologies that are part of your skill set
  • Getting advice from seniors in the field
  • Following experts from the field
  • Gauging expectation of potential employers
  • Even posting your resume and so much more!

As a genuine job seeker looking for trustworthy, reliable and quality employers, you can also make use of social network profiles in order to get a fair idea about the potential employer’s values, activities, the treatment of employees, and customers, feedback of clients and ex-employees, their plans, goals and work culture to determine if it matches your goals, career growth expectation and work culture expectations. Doing this through homework can help one a great deal even before attending an interview. It is important one develops his/her social media profile in a way that is deemed ‘employable’ with all positive posts and less or no unpleasant ones. One can make sure to refrain from posting anything that offends any specific ideology. Experts state that it is important for candidates to develop a good social media strategy as employers use it to get an idea of your personality, interests and character. So make sure you portray a positive, ‘employable’ image of yourself!