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Recently, Times of India, a daily English newspaper, published an article that threw light upon the research and analysis done by All India Council for Technical Education. The report discussed in the article stated that 60% of the eight lakh engineers who graduate every year, across the country, are unemployed. It also mentioned that only 1% of the students attend their internships. Could this be the reason for their unemployability? How important is hands-on experience or practical experience, in the case of getting a job?

No matter which field you belong to, there is always a huge gap in between what you learn theoretically, during your college days and what you actually implement and execute in your work life. The reason is very simple,  that the industry is subject to constant and drastic changes. But the curriculum that has been designed for the academic institutions has not been upgraded for years. Therefore, even though the academic strengthens the foundation of your career, yet you are deprived of the industry exposure and the recent developments. This makes you unemployable.

IIHT has been promoting employability since 1993. They offer job oriented IT courses, industry mapped curriculum, professional trainers and a lot more,  just to ensure that the students become job-ready and employable. IIHT has been established to impart knowledge regarding emerging technologies and thus, helps the IT job aspirants to enter the industry. One of the most important provision at this institution is that they organize a number of practical sessions, to give hands-on experience to each candidate.

Knowledge is worthy, only when implemented, to create something new and useful. One needs to know how to utilize the knowledge that he/she holds, in the right way, so as to be able to innovate and create. This can be taught only through practical lessons, where one gets hands-on experience. Internships are also a way to get a glimpse of the industry’s culture, demands and challenges. Therefore, it is very important that along with the theoretical knowledge, one also needs to have the first-hand experience.