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Ten interesting facts about Java few people know

Ten interesting facts about Java few people know

Java is the most popular and long lasting programming language for a lot of good reasons. With developers swearing by Java’s stability, it has been the go-to language for decades for most software developers. Java emerged the most popular because of its capacity of operating in a similar manner on any operating system or hardware and its special portability. The 22 year old most robust, simple and secure programming language was released first on 23rd of May in 1995! Here are some interesting facts:

  1. The invention was an accident: In 1992, James Gosling was working at Sun Labs when he and his team were building a set-top box and began clearing up C++. In the course of this project, they ended up with a new language and runtime. This is how Java or Oak came into being? What’s Oak? Read on..
  2. Oak was Java’s original name: Oak was the first name Java was given. It was later changed to Java by Sun’s marketing department. This is because lawyers at Sun discovered another IT company that was registered by the same name. Another story has it that Gosling and his team of programmers went to a local café to talk about names and then came up with the name Java. This seems more legit because ‘0xCafeBabe’ magic number in class files was named so because the Café the Java team frequented has the same name.
  3. You get paid well to learn Java: The average salary of Java Developers in the US is $83,975. In India, the median would be 4.5 lakh per annum. It certainly pays to be a Java developer and skilled programmers are making good use of the opportunity. There are 9 million Java Developers the world over and the demand still continues to rise!
  4. The mascot – Duke: The Duke, Java’s official mascot was created by Joe Palrang. He is the same creator who worked for Shrek, the popular Hollywood blockbuster. Duke is a celebrated personality at Oracle. A life-size, living Duke is a well known feature of all JavaOne conferences. Every year, a new Duke personality is released by Oracle.
  5. The most popular user interface: At present, around 3 billion mobile phones, 125 million Television sets, and all Blu-Ray players work using Java. This programming language is ranked No. 1 in the list of best choice of UI programming language by software developers around the world continually.
  6. The 2nd most popular language: Even if Java is the all time favorite among developers, it holds the second place in the list of popular programming languages following C that tops the list.
  7. The Final class in not exactly final: Final has 4 meanings in Java! Here’s the list of meanings:
  • Final field: used for a constant field
  • Final Class: This class can’t be extended
  • Final variable: Once assigned, the variable value can’t be changed
  • Final Method: This method can’t be overridden
  1. Java fighting a court case with Google: Oracle is up against Google in a court battle against the use of the word ‘Java’ in their Android Operating system. If the case rules in Oracle’s favor, Google will have to pay Oracle $8.8 billion!
  2. Java 9 coming out in 2017: Java 9, the next version is slated for release on 21st of September, 2017.
  3. One Billion downloads: Java gets downloaded one billion times a year!

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