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According to the World Economic Forum 2016, that was held at Davos, we are heading towards the 4th Industrial Revolution and the coming Era will actually eradicate several jobs in next 10 years due to Technological advancements.

In today’s digital world we all are looking forward to some great technological break-throughs happening every day in different parts of the world, however, the irony is that the more digital advancements take place, more people will become jobless. The reason is simple! Earlier when 10 people were required to do a job, now hardly 2 are required. Now machines and technologies are replacing humans in finishing the tasks sooner at amazingly cheaper rates. Especially after the advent of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, fewer people are required to meet or surpass the revenue goals of the companies. As their long term strategies, companies are moving towards only high-end offerings that will help them earn more with lesser number of employees.

Where on one hand, economical Labour Solutions will replace farmers, on the other hand, 1,500 robots are replacing 10,000 employees in Japanese factories. Law-related softwares like LegalZoom are replacing lawyers drastically that collect and analyze valuable data before the actual trials. Revolutionary software like Freshbooks do not require huge number of accountants to do the book-keeping work. News agencies are also getting more and more dependent on softwares for language translations instead of hiring employees to do the needful. With the spread of e-learning and distance education, cheaper softwares are replacing actual teachers in the classroom. Watson, the IBM computing prototype and other numerous medical apps are eliminating the need for health workers. Smartphones equipped with remote monitoring devices are much more economical than healthcare professionals. Soon driver-less taxis and goods carriers will replace human drivers on the road. Automatic scanners and RFID systems are replacing the need for cashiers at the super markets. Artificial call centre agents like Amelia are replacing tele-sellers and call centre employees. According to McKinsey, by 2025, such automatic softwares will eliminate the need for 250 million people from the work force! 

(Source – Times of India) 

Is technological advancements good or bad for us? Actually it is the way we see, understand and pro-actively respond to the situation. Let’s accept this, the way world is moving, technology is only going to get better and better, no matter what! So, now the million-dollar question arises… how to survive or thrive in this mad Digital World?

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