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Tech Jobs for Non-IT Graduates

Tech Jobs for Non-IT Graduates

Gone are the days when it was believed that the technical jobs are only for candidates possessing technical degrees and knowledge. As the world is moving more and more towards digitalization and as people are getting more and more familiar with the technology the need of having just a technical degree doesn’t stand valid anymore.

So the question stands, what is it that allows the candidates and the companies to think that there is no more the need to have an IT graduation degree for getting into an IT field.

In IT firms it is not necessary that all the work that is done is related to IT, where you need to have a grass root level knowledge about all the aspects of coding and different programming languages, there are many such jobs that require you to be excellent in terms of management of an IT firm where they will be requiring a MBA candidate rather than a Computer Science candidate, this is just one example there are many such posts where you do not have to be a programmer.

Another reason why an IT firm prefers to have a graduate from a non-IT background is, it is not necessary that the customer to whom the IT firm is providing the solution is also an IT company, it can be any other company, so in such a scenario the firm needs a person who can understand what exactly the customer wants and can make a programmer understand what exactly the client is asking for. Here the key role is played by the non-IT graduate to make the particular project a success, because he is the face of the firm and is representing the firm in front of the clients. All that a company wants is that a non-IT graduate must have excellent communication skills, a bit of knowledge about the latest innovations in the field of technology and brief knowledge about the firm that he or she is working in.

The person can be a UI/UX specialist also who can understand what the client basically wants, convert their thoughts and ideas into a representation form by sketching the outlet basically giving a pictorial view to the thoughts and ideas and then getting it implemented by the programmer and being a key notch between the programmer and the client.

Another option for a non-IT graduate is to work as a tester and analyst, in the testing and analytics field the IT firm needs people like these non-IT graduate to check different software’s and see if a website or mobile-application is understandable by the common person and if the website or mobile-application is user-friendly or not. If any bugs are encountered, the analyst again needs to give the changes to the developer and get it rectified once the changes are rectified the project is finally analyzed and handed over to the client.

One can also get into jobs like content writing and SEO, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Both the jobs are very important from the point of view of IT companies because every website needs an attractive content on it and to bring in organic traffic, SEO plays a very important role, also SEO is important for getting your website ranked on the top pages in the popular search engines like Google and Yahoo.

You can be a designer, for being a designer you must have skills and knowledge in creative art and related software’s, you can also try your hands in the IT field, as it does not require any intensive coding. A simple course of 3 to 4 months can let you enjoy a productive and successful career in the IT sector.

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