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Plan A Successful Career With .NET

Plan A Successful Career With .NET

In the current IT age, there are changes happening every now and then. In such a phase, finding something you can rely on for your career can be a hard choice to make. This is why going with the big players which have been in the marketplace for years seems like the smart way to go. Amongst many, .NET is one massive player rocking the development IT age today while keeping up with everyday enhancements.

The doorways that .NET knowledge can open for an IT professional are intense. With this immense power of choice, professionals can choose to step into any of the following arenas of work including:

  • Websites
  • XML Web Service
  • Inventory/Product Applications
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems
  • Warehouse Management Applications
  • Supply Chain Management Systems
  • Accounting Applications
  • Third-Party Internet Integrations
  • PDA Applications

How .NET Can Help Make the Difference?

With the high-level infrastructure built and constantly enhanced by Microsoft, .NET is rapidly gaining grounds as a mature development language in the cutting-edge IT world. Here are a few reasons its adoption is becoming so massive:

#1: Cross-Platform Independence

This feature refers to the agility that .NET framework provides to developers to create applications that can target various platforms including desktop, PDAs or mobile browsers. This cross-platform independence makes code-reuse efficient and productive as the developers have to use the same development environment to serve multiple purposes.

#2: Security

.NET is a well-structured and secure framework built from scratch and not something stacked onto an existing infrastructure which would leave loopholes in dependency. Due to this reason, this is one of the most secure development environments adopted by industry giants all across the oceans. The levels of security that .NET offers makes it efficient in promisingconfidentiality and keeping data secure.

#3: Faster & More Efficient Deployments

Deployments have been challenging in the past mainly because of the reason that multiple versions of DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries) could not co-exist on a single machine. However, .NET framework is so structured that it allows for the seamless existence of various DLLs on a single machine or platform thereby making deployments a breeze.

#4: Service-Oriented Infrastructure

The business industry today is progressing towards integrating a number of web services that can be re-used with a variety of business applications thereby making it possible for internal users and external clients to communicate with these services internally or through an XML service when using on the internet. This leads to more efficient communication model. On top of this, it even allows for the smallest release to be well circulated in a timely fashion.

#5: Reliability

Since its introduction, .NET is being used in a number of small and large business applications. The reliability of this platform has been flawless with Windows Server 2000 & 2003. The internal structure of this platform is strengthened to keep the system up and running because obviously, that is the backbone when it comes to having e-commerce and other applications being available round-the-clock.

Professionals around the globe have been taking advantage of these amazing .NET features for over a decade now. The infrastructure is also maturing at a massive pace which makes ‘now’ a good time to get in and reap the career benefits of holding .NET knowledge.

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