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Placement Assistance- What Should One Really Expect?

Placement Assistance- What Should One Really Expect?

The ultimate aim of every student is to get placed. The need of having a stable job and an impressive salary, is what really drives them to put efforts. One has to understand that efforts are the only way to achieve this goal. For those who are looking forward to embark a journey into the IT world, there are certain protocols to follow.

Research thoroughly and analyse the industry demands:-

Times have changed and so has technology. More and more candidates are heading towards the IT industry. Job-aspirants are many and the jobs offered are limited. In this case, what makes you employable? The recruiters today want perfectly skilled people in their organisations. Those who have mastered an emerging technology and at the same time are good at communication skills and understand the organisational culture very well.

Vocational Training Centres and Placement Assistance:-

There are a number of vocational training centres out there in the market, who also guarantee placement assistance. Though, these institutions can guide and assist you to achieve success. Yet, they have their own limitations. As it is wisely said that, ‘ You can take a horse to the water, but can’t make it drink’.

Similarly, IT training institutions, such as IIHT, can provide you with the best facilities required, like state- of- the-art  infrastructure, quality training by industry experts, industry-mapped curriculum and thorough guidance to make you interview ready. But self learning is the best learning.

The Role of the Placement Team:-

Yes, we wish that the placement team could be a bunch of genies, fulfilling our wish of getting recruited by a big fat company. But, unfortunately they are humans with no extraordinary super powers. And therefore, expecting them to modify you into a dynamic employee in a matter of few months, is a little too much. But is it impossible? No! Then what really needs to be done?

Look forward to the placement department for assistance. But at the same time, indulge in self learning. Develop your communication skills, by reading newspapers, books by renowned authors, watch informational videos, etc. Learn to dress up formally and concentrate on your body language. It is only you, who can help yourself to be confident and confidence is one of the keys to success.

So enrol for the job-oriented IT courses at IIHT. Get up-skilled in regards to emerging technologies. Help us help you to become job ready. But, be the one to paint your own future.