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The emphasis on ‘make in India’ and ‘digital India’ has an obvious natural corollary: developing a digitally enabled space that creates ample job opportunities. A visible surge in demand for Android application in recent years seems to accomplish the objective in quite a significant way.

Android’s utility

For appreciating the larger technological and economic implications of the Android application it is important to understand the utilitarian value of the technology for the app users.

Smart devices

Android app is a software application that runs on Android platform. It was initially developed for digital camera operations. But currently the Android is propelling demand for mobile devices such as smartphone or tablet personal computers, which operate on Android OS platform.

Game changer!

In an increasingly technology enabled market ecosystem, mobility and Android application are fast changing the contours of the game. Selling consumer durables, games, to its ever expanding range of services and products, Android based applications are fast becoming vehicles of enterprise growth driven by consumers’ online mobility and satisfaction.

Growth story

The growth story of Android based application is intricately related to the development in telecom network infrastructure, especially the internet connectivity in India. The improvement in connectivity and affordable smartphone devices running on Android platform has resulted in a surge in demand for Android enabled smartphones besides tablet PCs.

2016 projections!

According to an estimate by 2015-end worldwide 2 billion smartphones will be sold. This will result in the number of smartphone users swelling up to about 2.16 billion in 2016. And, India is going to be the main author of the global growth in sales of smartphones. Android with its current market share of 82.8 per cent of smartphone operating system is expected to hold sway for some time to come.

Trained developers

All this entail an obvious rise in demand for trained Android application developers in India by the fast evolving industry. Already, the top players in the industry are in the lookout for professional Android System Engineer, Senior Android Programmer, Senior Mobile Engineer and Android developers. Skill gap: a worry

Skill gap: a worry

However, IT skill gap training in India has been one of the major impediments to employability. Just to put things in the right perspective it is worth quoting here the statement by one of the top opinion leaders: “About 90 per cent of employment opportunities require vocational skills, but 90 per cent of schools and colleges deliver only bookish knowledge.”

Good news

The good news is Android’s fast expanding presence in India and across the globe makes it a job-seekers’ ticket to high salary lucrative jobs. A trained Android developer can expect to kick-start his or her career with a Rs 4-5 lac per anum pay package in India.

Job creation

An measure of the Android potential to generate jobs, in the European Union developers contribute about 40 per cent to the total worldwide revenue kitty through Android Application development. As per an estimate, app developer workforce in EU is set to increase from 1 million in 2013 to 2.8 million in 2018.

Need skilled workforce

Things in India look no less promising as Android-apps penetrate a wide array of sectors. Experts, however, underline the need for the developers to focus their time and energy on developing improved User Interface or User Experience. In other words need for professionals with high-end skills is being underlined by the industry, where quality workforce is in short supply.

Training centres

There are IT training centres in India such as IIHT which has already carved a niche for itself in IT skill gap training. It has presence in over 20 countries and 150 training centres spread across the globe. The organisation has been termed ‘Global Pioneer in job-specific talent development’.

Job-ready curriculum

IIHT offers industry ready Engineering programme in Android app development to aspiring candidates. The curriculum covers relevant subjects related to Mobility, Java-script, CSS, Jquery, Jquery Mobile, Performance Engineering, Android basics and advanced besides Process and Quality.