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In a sense, Java is to the mobile devices what electricity is to gadgets. It is difficult to imagine mobility without Java. As per a market estimate, there are currently over 3 billion mobile phones that run Java, facilitating an efficient operation of various applications, that have become such an integral part of rapidly expanding mobility ecosystem.

Java for mobiles!

Not just mobiles, television devices and enterprise desktops also run with the help of Java programme. But of all these devices, it is mobile phone that has taken to Java at ease as the fish to the water. Mobile is also in many ways responsible for the proliferation of Java and its uses in the day-to-day life of a common man, world over.

Java for job aspirants

Java on a mobile has not only opened up a window of limitless opportunities for the users of devices such as smartphones running on various platforms but also become a medium of economic uplift of job aspirants. There has been a corresponding rise in demand for Java professionals along with increasing demand for devices with newer more attractive applications.

Overwhelming popularity

There are popular social media groups that constantly ensure that Java keeps pace with changing technological landscape. Such is the overwhelming popularity of Java that recently when Oracle reportedly decided to put in the backburner the development of Java Enterprise Edition (EE) (a popular server-side platform for developing and running Java-based apps), Java EE Guardians group forced the company to reinstall the project through a signature campaign.

Java ME

When it comes to mobiles, Java ME or Micro Edition is a critical programme. The platform was designed for embedded systems such as mobile by Sun Microsystems before its takeover by Oracle in 2010. It is also used in set-top boxes, feature phones and various industrial controls.

Java Users

At present, there are over 2.1 billion Personal Digital Assistant or PDAs (A handheld device that combines computing, telephone/fax, Internet and networking features) and mobiles using Java ME programme. It is used in Nokia’s Series 40, Bada operating system (a discontinued operating system for mobile devices since replaced by Tizen) such as smartphones and tablet computers developed by Samsung) and Symbian Operating System. Users of Android, MeeGo, Window Mobiles, Window CE can download Java ME for their respective operating eco-systems.

Umpteen applications

Then, there is Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) that is needed for a Java virtual machine to operate. It provides Java developers with a platform to create applications for consumers and embedded devices with a total memory from 160 KB to 512 KB. Boreland JBuilder is a popular Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) comprising of Personal, Standard Edition (SE) and Enterprise editions (EE). JBuilder 7 Enterprise offers tools that enable Java application namely J2EE design, development, deployment and testing.

Learn software engineering

Despite its seeming easy availability, Java mobile application development comprises of a complex engineering process. It includes numerous facets of software engineering. Integrated Development Environment or IDE provides tool of automation of various tasks and facilities that help programmers develop software but it calls for understanding and learning of various features of the software engineering.

Skill training

With the aim of providing skill gap training in IT sectors and especially Java programme development, India’s topmost and Asia’s premier IT skill gap training institute – Bangalore based IIHT– offers a diploma programme in Java. The programme covers learning of Operating system, Programming fundamentals, Object-oriented concepts, Software engineering, Testing fundamentals, EIM fundamentals, Core Java, Industry practices, Junit, J2EE architecture, Servlets, JSP, JavaScript, Ajax and DOJO, Angular JS, J2EE design and Process and quality.

Job offers

A job trained Java professional is a much sought after candidate by the IT especially mobility industry. Some of the job roles being offered to Java professionals are Software Developer, Web developer, Software engineer, Software support engineer and J2EE developer, etc.

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