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IT Jobs for Arts, Commerce and Science Graduates. Possible.

IT Jobs for Arts, Commerce and Science Graduates. Possible.

Breaking traditional boundaries, a career in networking and server administration is not limited to computer science students anymore! A lot of students today are opting for computer hardware and networking courses that are preparing them for the field. So a lucrative career in the world of computers isn’t just for engineering majors! Pure science, arts, and commerce graduates can also have the flexibility to begin their studying in the dynamic field of Computer Networking.


At any point in time, anyone can start having an interest in computers! The most common way students give up their power is by imagining that they don’t have an option anymore. Here is breaking your myth: Over 40% of people hired in the IT field are from non-computer science backgrounds! So, now that it is established that your previous qualification need not impact your dream of having a career in IT, let’s see what are the pre-requisites of actually starting a career here:

  1. If computers excite you!
  2. You are keenly interested in learning about computer networking and would seriously like to work in this field.

If your answer is YES, read on…


The always-in-need for seamlessly traveling information all across the globe for many people to use, share and analyze through computers and the internet has given rise to networking. Networking is continuously changing in the world of Information Technology, consumer electronics, industrial automation, biomedicine, defense, supercomputing etc. Infrastructure Management and Enterprise Management are two widespread, much in demand applications that are today made possible by networking. The demand is only set to grow even more with the increase in penetration of digitization in every domain that one can possibly think of! Experts say that out of every 100 candidates that are hired in a tech firm, between 60-65 of them are for Infrastructure Management.

Hardware and networking professionals usually deal with various components like computer systems, chips, processor, modems, motherboard, RAM, circuit boards, modems, keyboards, printers, external hard disks etc. Networking field aspirants need to be inclined towards analytical and technical fields. Hardware professionals are needed to look after installations as well as ensure that the systems work faster. Problem-solving skills along with hardware and networking skills is viewed as a valuable asset in any organization.


There are professionally crafted, industry oriented courses in the Hardware and Networking field that gives you enough credentials and prepares you for globally recognized certification exams in order to work in many roles like server administrator, network administrator, infrastructure manager, support staff etc. IIHT’s professional courses in the Networking field are recognized by several top IT companies and professional hands-on training is given by certified experts. What’s more, students also get 100% placement assistance before which they prepare you thoroughly on attending interviews.

With a favorable environment, industry oriented courses available and placement assistance give, now is a great time to start. These courses also make candidates job ready with overall grooming. Sign up today for a Hardware and Networking course!