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IT – It’s Not All About Programming

IT – It’s Not All About Programming

When you step into a medical facility, it doesn’t take long for you to figure out that not everyone there is a doctor. There are nurses, lab technicians, therapists, specialty consultants, pharmacists and a bunch of other people who collaboratively work with doctors to run the facility. The same applies to the technical stream of work.

When it comes to IT, it’s not just programming that we are talking about. It’s about a load of other things as well such as hardware and software infrastructure, networking, data center setups, database management, security and web development. Thus, when we talk about IT, it’s not that you have to choose to become a programmer and know the ins and outs of coding. It can be a varied field matching your skills and interests.So, let’s discuss a few career choices you can make to set a career path in the Information Technology world:

Database Administrator

Database administrator or a DBA is a professional who is responsible for storing and efficient organization of data within company databases. Job duties include planning for capacity, database design, installation, security setup, performance testing, scalability assessment, data replication and backup and data recovery.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers are responsible for research, development, design and testing of hardware components including computer processors, storage devices, circuits, memory and various types of networking hardware and routers. For this job, individuals need to maintain a critical outlook for better assessment and for introducing enhancements in hardware systems for better and latest software compatibility.

Network Administrator

This job title is also sometimes referred to as the systems administrator. A network administrator holds the responsibility of managing an organization’s network systems updated and running seamlessly. The environment for this job will most likely revolve around routers, switches, servers and wired connections and online portals for monitoring and repairing the network connections.

Computer Security Analysts

With the growing use of internet and cloud, the measures taken for securing the networks carrying critical business-sensitive data have also increased. This calls for the need of computer security analysts who are experts in the field of computer networks. Their job duties revolve around building and maintaining secure network systems for communication within and outside the organization, performing network checks from time to time and acting swiftly upon any suspected breech of security. Also, these individuals are responsible for setting up complete backup systems so that critical business data can be recovered from any kind of setback.

With so many options in the IT field, you can make your choice as to what direction you wish to move in and pursue the necessary training and course to become a pro in that field of work. Whichever field you choose, IIHT offers top-notch certification support with hands-on experience through its job-oriented programs that are clubbed with end-to-end interview preparation and 100% placement assistance. So, even if you are planning to enter into any of the non-customary streams of IT, reach out to IIHT today and explore the plethora of options we have for you!