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Industry Expectations from a Full Stack Developer

Industry Expectations from a Full Stack Developer

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today, more companies than ever are looking for full stack developers. This magical profile that has garnered interest all over the world belongs to programmers who are comfortable working with back-end, front end and database technologies. A full stack developer is also adept at working with middle-ware code that works between them all. Software today affects all aspects of many businesses, and the expectations to provide excellent customer service and business interface is mounting. Not a long time ago, before this term was coined, a programmer who filled this role was expected to know the exacting details of both back-end and front-end systems. With the rise in the number and complexity of technologies, this title of a full stack developer emerged.

A thorough awareness of today’s requirements will help an aspiring full stack developer become relevant to the present day IT industry. There are many basic categories that define the skill set of full stack developers. Here is one of the clearer illustrations of the landscape and expectation of a full stack developer:

  1. Business and technology landscape with strong logic
  2. Software design, architecture, development and infrastructure.
  3. Web development (this includes API, client end and backend)
  4. Database and data (includes SQL)
  5. Framework, Library and Platform (including *aaS)
  6. Testing, automation and integration (this includes QC, QA)
  7. Delivery, Deployment and Maintenance
  8. Network, hosting environment, System administration and configuration
  9. Security concerns all throughout the program.
  10. A good understanding of the business needs.
  11. User experience
  12. User interface

So as we see, the role of a full stack developer goes over and beyond just front end, back end and data base. A full stack developer is also expected to manage and communicate better with experts who are absorbed in the fine details of the different technologies. The minimum expectation of a full stack developer is that he/she is an expert at at-least one of the technologies.

Generalizations about education and experience requirements for a full stack developer tend to be imprecise because the expectation of the title can vary from one employer to another. Bigger organizations with larger IT resources may attribute strategizing, coordinating outputs and supervising roles to the title. Startups and smaller firms on the other hand want a person who understands the full stack but who will be expected to write code at certain layers of the stack.

Why full stack developers are the highest paid programmers

The demand for full stack developers has been continuously growing in the last 2 years as the use of internet by organizations grows and matures. As per the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), web developers’ demand is expected to grow by 27% till 2024. The growing demand for supporting technologies around mobile devices and e-commerce guarantees that the knowledge of full stack developers in these domains will always remain high.  The average salary of a full stack developer is 6 lakh per annum in India and this salary has the best potential to grow with developer experience.

Work opportunities

So where are full stack developer jobs available? Most of the full stack developer jobs in India are located in the metros in big companies (not all of them require full stack developers yet). The list would certainly include the biggies – Oracle, Amazon, Apple etc. Any company, start up or smaller firms that have a website incorporated with database access or e-commerce will need back-end and front-end skills. Startups and smaller firms may not be able to afford a big team of developers with various skill sets and opt for hiring a full stack developer instead. Interestingly, they pay high since a larger portion of their limited resources is dedicated to fewer people. As technologies evolve, the required technical knowledge of full stack developers will change but what will remain constant is the requirement of the unique mind set of a full stack developer. The kind of mindset that is able to meld the knowledge of both sides of technologies to create platforms that help organizations fully leverage of their use of the internet. This is why full stack development is a great career option. Want to know if you could become one? Get in touch with our team today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]