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India’s Internet Boom and What it Means for Engineers

India’s Internet Boom and What it Means for Engineers

India is seeing the largest rise in the use of internet and is all set to double by the end of 2020. This means massive opportunity for several businesses getting online exposure and it also means several new internet business based jobs getting created.

Today, the famous dubba walas of Mumbai have started delivering packages for a top Indian e-commerce company. This is only one instance of several such combinations of old school successful business models with today’s technology. This is a clear indication of the future and opportunities for India’s e-commerce growth. In 2013, the Indian Internet market was valued at $11 billion and is all set to grow to as large as $137 billion by 2020 as per a report by Morgan Stanley. This growth is all set to create new industries and markets that have reached their pinnacle in other areas. The Internet analysis of Morgan Stanley’s Indian branch, Parag Gupta says that opportunities opened up by the internet and the strong entrepreneurial talent available in the country can provide a large assortment of ways that people live their lives.

A tough competition to China

The evolution of India’s eCommerce is following the same pattern that China followed a few years back. China has a 35% global share in all eCommerce business done worldwide!  But India’s internet users doubled in 2010 and tripled in 2014. This is what makes India, the second largest internet using country in the world. India’s penetration is only 17% as compared to 46% of China. But this is seen only as India’s beginning part of the journey where bigger things are expected. In the next 2 years, Internet users will reach 600 million which is almost half its population. As the use of smartphones increases, several rural users are bypassing the use of PC or Desktops altogether. This is why eCommerce giants have invested well in mobile presence setting the trend for the whole industry to follow.

How big is the growth

The investment is to the tune of $4.5 billion in just one year! It’s the merchandise market that has captured maximum capital.  A top online store reported selling a pair of shoes in every 30 seconds and a saree every other minute.

What does this mean for engineers?

IT Engineers with the right skill set are more in demand than ever! With changing technologies, maturing markets and ever evolving online shopping platforms, the skilled engineers are constantly being looked for. Whether it is software for internal operations or development and maintenance of the eCommerce website/mobile app, IT engineers with innovative thinking can make an impact. The latest job profile that everyone is going to be looking for is certainly the fullstack. As more and more businesses are getting digitized, the need for full stack developers is predicted to increase. These fullstack developers are programmers who can single handedly manage projects of all scopes are needed. The best way to stay relevant in the IT industry is upskill and a well-researched decision says upskill at fullstack if you have the inherent ability! Get in touch with IIHT’s expert guidance team to help you get a head!