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How the Indian IT Landscape is Undergoing a Change with Reskilling

How the Indian IT Landscape is Undergoing a Change with Reskilling

Reskilling and even cross skilling, and up skilling are the buzzwords today in the IT sector. The sector has been a source of several headline news of layoffs and jobs getting taken over by automation. Even the President of NASSCOM has advised techies to either re-skill or perish. It is estimated that there will be a job loss of over 2 lakh people in the next three years.

Retrenchment around automation or change over to new technologies means companies are in a consolidation mode, where people with certain skills are given preference. The number of jobs lost in the IT sector goes into lakhs. The ones, who lost their jobs, lost them mostly because of lack of skills and they can’t be absorbed back into companies as they will need to prove their domain expertise. A good option for them would be is to look for jobs in the Saas start-up companies, internet/product companies or become consultants on a freelance basis. Better still is to rise above it all, re-skill and re-establish yourself, in a whole new way.

As per a survey conducted by Skill acquisition for the Digital Age, machine learning, big data, mobile app development, software development and artificial intelligence are going to be the top technology areas in re-skilling in the coming years. Another survey adds Cloud Computing and Network infrastructure to the list. Industry experts saw the dire need for re-skilling coming a long while ago but it seems to have hit everyone else in the industry only when loss of jobs increased. This is why online courses, certifications and courses offered in institutes have increased recently.


Scope for re-skilled professionals looks bright

The country will need a workforce of 700 million skilled employees in the IT workforce by the year 2022 in order to meet the demands of the country whose economy is one of the fastest growing in the world. Another area that has seen a major rise in demand is network security which will see an increase of 6 million jobs in just the next two years! This is certainly the hottest skill to watch out for!

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Who should re-skill?


The generation leap of training freshers is what the IT industry is currently going through. Training in foundation technologies (in their latest variants) along with advanced training in demanded technologies is a must today for freshers. But it’s also the employee segment that has 3 to 15 years of experience who need re-skilling. Roles in technology have evolved and are becoming more multi-dimensional. Today, a web developer is required to have atleast 3 or 4 skills in areas like angular, UX design or fullstack development. This is why re-skilling should be about cross skilling. Admission in courses like fullstack is not limited to experienced developers. If a fresher can do a fullstack development training, it is only going to benefit him in the long run, making him easily more employable than any other kind of software engineer.


Types of Re-skilling

The different kinds of digital re-skilling:

  1. Skills that are digital experience related: This revolves around implementing, designing and conceptualizing customer experiences for clients.
  2. Skills that are digital infrastructure related: This is related to modernizing IT processes and infrastructure. Technologies like Data analytics, DevOps, Automation, Cloud and Cyber Security fall into this category.

Design thinking is a mindset, the one that fullstack developers have. IT companies today are trying to move up the curve with providing value based solutions to clients (finding out what customers need in a specific time, place and circumstance even before they know they need it) as opposed to limiting solutions to only latent needs (design thinking evolved from observing customer patterns and data).

A developer who can predict or think what the customer will need that she or he does not know yet, such a developer can certainly find a skill – fullstack development, design thinking etc. and this will in turn ensure, you will have a good job. Even just to stay relevant and on board, it is crucial to upskill constantly.

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