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How SMAC has Transformed Our Lives

How SMAC has Transformed Our Lives

Although the concept of technology replacing humans in the future may sound cliché but this is the inevitable truth. Every day we notice how science and technology is burgeoning in every aspect of our lives. And now thanks to digitalization, technology has rooted itself firmly in our development. Considering the many facets of technology, SMAC is one such terminology which has been echoing itself in the IT world.

SMAC is an acronym which stands for Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. SMAC is foreseen by many technology experts as the dominant force which will be complemented by BYOD and will play a crucial role in decision making by organizations.

Today social media has taken the world like a wildfire. It has become the one tool which has been leveraged by many business institutions. Recognizing the potential of social media platform; many organizations have integrated their business model with it. For example Facebook is one such feature of social media where today our lives are centre around. In the microcosm of the facebook world, we can easily get in touch with our loved ones, friends and families; no matter what the distance is. And with that, it means that we can not only access our friends, but other connections in our lives as well. For marketers this is exactly what they need to understand the market in depth. With this web of connection in our lives, marketers can narrow down the audience and identify their needs thereby understand our choices better.

If you are one of the smartphone users then you probably know what mobility is all about. According to reports, by 2017, over a third of the world’s population is projected to own a smartphone, with an estimated total of 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world. With that, it has opened a whole new window of opportunity for businesses worldwide. As with the introduction of new smartphones and tablets in the market, many companies are also evolving. In the process, mobile technology is being more efficient in terms of gathering and distributing data in various levels of mobility. The emergence of the mobile devices has made our lives very convenient. For example purchasing a product online or internet banking are certain aspects of mobility and how it has changed our lives.

Perhaps the most important feature of SMAC is ‘Analytics’. Each year companies generate billions of TB of data worldwide, where maintaining a seamless flow of these data can be a daunting task. Therefore, this is where analytics come to the picture. The analytics ensures the seamless flow of data in general. In doing so, companies gather crucial information from the individuals by understanding their likes or preferences and making the consumer buying behaviour easy.

Since its inception, cloud has become an effective way of storage, collaboration and transferring of data, internally and externally. Organizations are slowly embracing cloud into their system not because of its easy accessibility, but also for its cost-effectiveness. And now with its popularity, even general public are utilizing cloud to its maximum. With accessibility people have unlimited freedom to access and share data across the globe in within a fraction of seconds.

Although it may take time for SMAC to completely absorb in our lives, but one thing remains the fact that SMAC will radically change our lives in days to come.

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