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How Should Engineers Stay Market Relevant in the Age of Automation

How Should Engineers Stay Market Relevant in the Age of Automation

Today, technology has changed everything and has also changed itself a great deal. Today, the economy is largely knowledge driven with the assistance of disruptive technologies like automation, full stack and artificial intelligence. If you feel incapable of taking on the IT world, it’s probably because you haven’t prepared yourself well enough to be industry ready.

Machine learning algorithms are proven to do a lot more than they were initially intended for – from curing cancers to sorting oranges! With the advancement of technology, humans have begun to rely on machines more and more, and this is getting inevitable in every field. Experts predict that very soon, humans can get cut out of the loop with the complete takeover of artificial intelligence. Prior to that happening, your career in the IT industry can get bumpy if you are not prepared enough. It is foretold by industry experts that 38% of jobs in the US will get automated by the year 2030, India to soon follow suit. Already, the layoffs of 56,000 software engineers from the top 7 companies are already announced. It is high time engineers start paying attention and looking beyond their resume.

Here are a few crucial questions you should ask yourself:

  • Do you have updated skills that will sail you to the next phase of software up gradation?
  • How long do you think your present set of skills will stay relevant? Consider the industry and not just within your company/potential employers’ organization.
  • In order to become industry relevant, what skills can you learn in six months?
  • People in the top of software companies did their studies at a time when software was at its preliminary stage. How do you plan on preparing for jobs that do not yet exist?

Learn how to train yourself

A famous author once proclaimed that the future belongs to ones who can unlearn and relearn. It’s crucial for any engineer today to be able to quickly learn up new skills in a short span of time and also focus on cross skilling – learning skills in different domains. In order to stay employable and competitive, you should become a learner for life! Learning to learn itself is a skill on its own. One way to get started is to pick the best technical institute that can not only train you in technical skills but also groom you over all into becoming job ready, industry ready and interview ready. Once you set your mind to learn up new skills better and faster for the first few times, this habit of upskilling will become a part of your life.

Learn future relevant skills

Automation and AI are taking over several jobs and this is irreversible! Do not panic and rush into taking up courses for upskilling. Do a thorough research on what will suit your natural flow best. For the naturally nerdy, full stack is perfect. For someone interested in computing, the cloud is where he should be. Get in touch with IIHT’s experts today to help you pick the right technology for upskilling.