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How New Age tech Skills can kickstart a Secure Career

How New Age tech Skills can kickstart a Secure Career

If you posses any of the new-age, in-demand tech skills, then you are not just going to land yourself a good job faster but you are also most likely going to start a secure career as well. Professionals with the latest skills naturally also earn way better.

If terms like Hadoop and DevOps are alien to you, then you certainly have reasons to worry. Today companies prefer candidates with some of the new skills so they need not invest resources on training ones that are just fresh out of college with only outdated knowledge.

Stay on the top rung of employees

Nearly all surveys conducted with regard to firing in IT companies suggest that the ones to leave first are the ones without any new skill set. The layoffs at Congizant that went up to the tune of 6000 employees cites ‘no upskilling’ amongst the fired employees as one of the major factors. Nasscom (National Association of Software and Services Companies) has also confirmed that there is a good possibility of some more job cuts since companies now want only skilled staff.

You are seen as a ‘saving’

Today companies are adapting fast to new technologies and they require professionals who can work on these technologies as soon as its deployed. Investing resources for training existing or new staff is not seen as an option when they can find already trained ones.

Stand out as a learner

When you start off your career as a specially trained professional in one of the new technologies, an employer views you as an eager-to-learn candidate that is much preferred over someone who only has his college graduation to his credit. Engineers who especially do full stack courses are seen as fast learners who have a broad scope of knowledge and can upskill even faster.

Better Pay

A fresher who is also trained in R, a new age programming language that is used for statistical computing for deriving insights from data, today gets a salary of Rs 8 lakh per annum on an average. This is certainly exciting in comparison to any other fresher in an IT company who starts off with an average salary of Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum. A fresher with Hadoop skills gets 25% higher salary than one who knows just Java. The full stack developer is the new big daddy! Also referred to as supercoders, professionals who understand the complete cycle of a software application is seen as an asset and are paid like a dream!

Today, upskilling or reskilling is no more an option but has become a fundamental must. IIHT offers industry aligned courses in the latest and in-demand technologies. Get in touch to know more!